topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Mad: Value!

In the book of Steven there is no prophecy
'Cause there was no need for God 
in the way things came to be
Some live by faith, some live by proof
They don't meet up on a friendly road 
or live under the same roof

Yep. Carey and I are resuming our wonderful mutual madness!

Ever since I did that Tree Portal out of my head, I have been wanting to work more with that stark blinding light.  Which is all about managing values.  Value = how light or dark something is.

This is inspired by an Indigo Girls song with my own twist. It is about humanity being so caught up and stuck in our ideals and belief systems that we ignore the warning signs all around us. We forget as a whole that we are all human and the human inability to be kind and tolerant to others outside the walls of individual belief systems will destroy the world.

8x10 pastel on Richeson sanded paper (Anthracite)

And the birds fall hard like black rain
Jerking the earth with a portent stain
Beat like drums, they beat like wings
Are we looking? 
Are we listening?
                                                                                -Indigo Girls


  1. I'm really hurt :-( I finally did a French bit for you and you didn't even see it :'-(

  2. This is sad and scary. Well done.

  3. WOW! Amazing! The light in this is so intense!!! Beautiful!

  4. This is totally awesome!!!


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