topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, September 19, 2019

More NY@Nite

This painting is absolutely without a doubt the most difficult painting I have ever done.
My head definitely exploded which is a good thing.
11x14 oil 53rd (or 54th??) and Broadway. 2 1/2 hours-ish. I stopped before I ruined it. I am having trouble knowing what to do next, how to take it further.

REALLY Dark wash over panel, pull out lights let it sit for a few mins.
Garin DOES NOT thin his paint with solvent!!!!!! Solvent for cleaning brushes only. The paint handles completely differently- much better!! It still layers wet over wet. This is revolutionary for me.

Palette organization- keep darks with darks and lights with lights (where my white and yellows are)
Think about temperature. He was going to say something to me about this but we got sidetracked.
Will ask next week about temp.
My big oily rag is “unruly”!!! Garin tore my rag into smaller pieces. I think he might have walked away with one.

Garin says "Make a mess!" I sure did.
SQUINT. No detail at beginning. Masses. I thought I wasn't being detailed but he thought I was with the tree.

And then he made a total insane mess on my panel and the damn thing came together and totally worked.

He says no one really understands how much he blurs and simplifies. This scene was so crazy that was incredibly hard to do.

Garin seems to have 2 ways he starts paintings- that dark drippy wash where he pulls lights out and pushes darks back and also just scrubbing in masses without that wash.

I kept my colors dark and gray. The lights were easy to put over especially with the paint consistency.

He said I have a knack for doing this, that was really nice to hear from someone like him.
He liked my painting.

One of the reasons this is so, so difficult to do is the total crazy chaos of everything.  It's just complete visual insanity.  It's so hard to analyze the scene and build it... without linear drawing!!

Everyone in the class thought it was incredibly difficult but we all had fun.
We all struggled and went crazy, and then Garin would come over and fix it like it was the easiest thing in the world.

I had a lot of help with my composition- seeing it and laying it out.  I was struggling so much and he came over and mapped it out in about 1 minute.

My head was spinning BUT with that much-needed guidance I *think* I might be able to start practicing on my own. I'm going to do one on my own before next Thursday.

He simplifies.  It's all mental.  This is the practice I need.

This workshop is amazing, it will absolutely change the way I paint.

Also I will probably end up in his drawing class on Thursdays.

I'm Turning Japanese

Daya is taking Japanese in school.
For the next 4 years.

Last week I said to Carey, "I'm going to have to step up my Japanese because it is a guaranteed thing that Daya will start texting me in Japanese."

I don't know whether to be proud or miserable about this.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Two Meetings and Three Trains

I had to go to 2 Parent Association meetings last night.  The Dance PA and the General PA.

We'll start with Dance, because it was awesome.  I met the teachers and they are *SO COOL*.  Really, it is a unique magical place, and the dance department is a bubble within a bubble.
Everyone there has had a distinguished professional career.

The class musicians were there as well (all the dance classes have live music, which dramatically impacts the dance training.  This is almost unheard-of for a public school.) and I loved hearing them speak.  They add a wonderful depth of richness, perspective, and experience to the entire teaching experience.  They are wonderful people, decades of experience, very artistic, very distinguished.

I was happy and impressed with everyone, and Daya being there is truly one of the greatest blessings of our lives.  The teachers think it is magical there (yes they used that word); that surely passes to the students' experience.  How many public school teachers would describe their workplace as magical?

Of course they want money.  And it is right to give them money so I did.  They can have $250 of my NYU Langone refund.

The senior dance show last Spring cost $36,000 to produce. Yes that is the correct amount of zeros.
That's just one show.  Doesn't cover a million other costs.  You should watch it, it is astounding.  they consider their competition and peer group to be the working professionals in Lincoln Center and Broadway.

I don't even know how this all happened.  I'm not one of those moms who had her kid auditioning trying to get in stuff from an early age.  I just stuck her in dance class so she could have fun and be involved with something after school.  And it turned into this.  It's astounding.

The General PA meeting started late.  Actually they started on time but it was still late.  My friend Catherine (her daughter is in drama) was there and we sat together.  We were both very tired.  But didn't want to miss anything.

We didn't make it even 10 minutes into the meeting.  We couldn't sit through it.  They did too many slow introductions we have heard before, but when they started giving us a guided tour of the website especially pointing to the donation button, we bailed.  It's stuff we know, it's all repeat, and frankly a waste of time.  I want to be involved but especially so late at night after a long day I want short meetings with non-repetitive info that is important.  And I was done with a crowded event where I don't know anyone.  After Catherine and I made our exit, another group followed right behind us.

NYC Transit had other plans for us which did not consist of getting home quickly.
One train and 35 minutes home turned into walking-transfers to different stations, two fare swipes, three trains, re-routes, lots of waiting, bad musicians, suspicious smells, weirdly empty trains, sitting in tunnels, incoherent announcements, incorrect transit apps,  and I didn't get home til after 9:30pm.

It was still better than sitting through that meeting.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Plein Air at Nite- Brooklyn Bridge

Last night's workshop was a make-up from the rain last Thursday.
We went down to the Seaport by the Brooklyn Bridge.

This isn't somewhere I would go alone at night so it was nice to go with a group.  Actually once it gets dark early, I might go down there after work, it would be ok in the early evening.

Actually the space is great and I should have been going here for a while already.....
Well, this has been an expansive workshop to say the least, in many ways.

So here is Garin's painting.
The man is a real-deal freaking sick WIZARD.
I can't even.

Look at this painting.

Garin's painting NOT MINE

My sorry sad painting. Garin painted on it so the good parts he did.


  • My new easel lamp is awesome.
  • MASSING.  Not lines. (Garin's start to his painting.  He is not really linear drawing but blocking in shapes.  Think shapes and mass. Push/pull values.  He says it's like playing chess. (Knowing beforehand what you will do and planning ahead as you lay strokes down.  It can also be that old illustrator trick of checkering, but I think Garin meant it strategically. That's a really advanced mindset you can only have thru a lot of experience.)
  • For the lights- keep values dark, colors grey.  Then later go in with chroma and the lights
  • Darker color under the light first, then add the light part of the light over (for glowy effect)
  • Tilt panel inward a little to get rid of glare
  • Don't go too light too soon
  • Sky still lighter.
  • Keep darks dark.
  • Garin does have black on his palette. (glad I brought mine!!)
  • INDICATE & let the viewer fill it in
  • I think a lot of the reason Garin can do the shapes and masses so well is he can draw better than God so it is just completely integrated into the whole thing.
  • Chisel brush- building lights.  indicate.

I am really struggling with the night time stuff, for a lot of reasons.

I get my block-in down then I kind of get lost on how to proceed.

Painting at night is SO VERY EXTREMELY DIFFERENT than daytime.  I'm really struggling with seeing and the values and getting that correct.  It's really different than daytime.
I'm very insecure about my eyesight.  I still have halos around lights, and vision through both eyes is different.
It's taking me time to adjust to lighting between looking at the scene and working under my easel lamp.
There is too much crap in my head and I'm getting in my own way.  I need to chill and relax.
I'm trying to do things according to previous experience instead of what is needed.... for example I know it is always better to use a larger brush and I was, but Garin's was a lot smaller than I expected.
It's like I'm going thru the motions of what I know I'm supposed to be doing instead of.... flowing I guess.

I don't know, I was really struggling.  It feels like I am in the deep end of a pool and I thought I was ok at swimming but it is a LOT harder than I anticipated.  I knew it would be hard but wow.

I do actually think this is a great thing because that was kind of the whole point, to work differently and expand.  It's just such an uncoordinated experience but I really intend to practice and get good, enough to hold my own with the real pros.  I'll get there.

This stuff is hard.  Plein air is hard.  Plein air at night is even harder.
This is the hardest it gets, really. I do remind myself of this. And I haven't done it much at all before.
Garin's been plein airing for 35 years!

Garin gave me a bunch of corrections but he DID say the bottom part of my painting was "brilliant" (!!) and I'll take all the good feedback I can get.  And corrections too. It was also nice when I was feeling crappy that a very nice man came by on a bike and said something nice.  Sometimes we really do need cheerleaders and that was well-timed.

I want to be a wizard, I want to be in the deep end of the painting ability pool and hold up.
It's a whole different level than being around casual painters.  I want that next level.  Badly. And that's going to take a lot of practice.  Much more than I have been able to do really since college. I want to be good just for the sake of being good.

I want to be at Art Students League regularly.
Those are the people I want to surround myself with- the people who are pretty serious about art in general.  I need the osmosis vibes. My head needs to be in that environment.

Now that I have broken out of Dance Jail (well I'm still on parole) I want my life back, and I want to step up the painting.

ALSO AND THIS IS AMAZING.... Daya's hip stuff is through NYU Langone. I had my surgery there.  Yesterday some of Daya's charges for dr and PT came through and I said Oh pocket costs for her PT were coming to about $700 over the next 8 weeks.

I do have financial aid approval from my hospital stuff which is good for a year.  Yesterday I found the letter while cleaning out my bag and today I called them to see if I can apply it to Daya.  As it turns out, not only can I apply it to Daya but they missed that my household is 2 instead of 1 on the application so I am approved for 100% aid for all costs insurance does not cover.  My hospital bill was literally double their estimate and that was upsetting, but I paid it already.... and that 100% is as of my surgery so I will get a full refund!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Universe!!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Autism Walk

The annual Autism Walk was today, and the dance studio always participates.
I'm a little bit over it, I didn't walk this year.  It was hot and loud and crowded and I felt lazy.

The team did their thing, and Daya said she has no idea how, but she ended up in the wrong place- wrong line and wrong place.  She said she just blanked for a second and was there.... well, I thought it was exactly the right place as I ended up literally right in front of her.

She looks great.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Vision Therapy

My right eye has always kind of done its own thing, and I'm super self-conscious about it.
I know I look funny and I know people notice. Kids will still comment.

I got my hair done last night and I could REALLY see my eye turning in when looking in the mirror.
It's not constant but it is often enough. I know the more I focus on it the worse it probably is but still......

(My hair came out AWESOME tho, I love the girl who does my hair (Eida), she is amazing and I always feel a thousand per cent better after getting my hair done.)

Since my surgery 2 people have told me that my eyes look straighter, and I *think* maybe that is possibly true at a certain angle but only up close.  At least from what I can tell in a mirror.  Otherwise I think it is worse.

There is some neuroadaptation going on and I also think reading glasses make it worse.  As it is, my brain already mostly-ignores my right eye.  My distance vision is now significantly better in my left eye vs right eye than previously.  But I am using my right eye more for close-up stuff, like reading my phone in the morning before I put my contact in.

My eyes feel uncoordinated, and switching the reading glasses on and off makes it worse, that's how I feel anyhow.  It's like my brain doesn't know how to coordinate my eyes anymore.  I know it is temporary but my right eye is crazy and I look funny and I find myself avoiding looking at people because of it.

Years ago I asked my eye dr if there was anything that could be done and he said no.
But I looked some stuffs up and found....

Lazy Eye Tetris...!!!!

What???? I *LOVE* Tetris!!

Apparently this has been in clinical research since 2013 or so with excellent results- much better than patching which I know does not work.  My right eye ran mostly solo for about 2 weeks and all it did was confuse my head.

Website here

So I need to try this.  These games force the eyes to work together.
I ordered my 3D glasses a few minutes ago, and I think I'm going to give it a go even before I get a multifocal contact lens.

I found some other eye exercises here, to strengthen muscles.

I hope I can get some good results, any improvement would be amazing.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Wet Adventures in Plein Air Painting

If I was a meteorologist, I could say anything I wanted with no accountability whatsoever and not only would I keep my job, people would continue listening to me!

It's amazing, really.

Forecast for yesterday first was some rain in the afternoon.
Then it changed to light rain for a few minutes around 7pm.
Than even that went away.

The rain started right as my plein air workshop started.
I thought it would blow over and be done in 15 mins.

My weather app was still saying overcast, no rain right in the middle of a LONG HEAVY downpour.

The rain did not stop in 15 mins, workshop rescheduled to Monday.
That will be better because I think we are going to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Half the class didn't show, some people left, and 4 of us (including the class monitor) stayed to tough it out.  We liked the sky.  We thought the rain would stop.  It only got worse.
We tried to hide in the covered area on 6 1/2 Ave but there was construction and most of it was closed... we all hid under an awning.  It didn't help much.

So here is a painting I will probably just wipe out to save the panel, it's only about 10 minutes of actual painting, is not show-able and shouldn't be kept, I did give speed painting while holding an umbrella a shot but you just can't think when the rain is coming at you like that.

There was an inch of water in my palette.

We laughed a lot and had a good time though.
Will do the Gear Schlep again on Monday, should be fun.

Daya loves school, she says it's "heckin' awesome".... she did get into the level 2 ballet/modern group.  She has friends.  Lots of them already. A solid group of 8 people just at lunch!  She says everyone is really, really nice and she has never experienced everyone around her being so nice and friendly and accepting.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

This Week!

I haven't written this week because I have been behind in posting from the weekend, but also because this week has been so busy.

We are adjusting to our new schedule this week.  I'm having a little trouble coordinating my morning with Daya leaving at 6:30am and my morning meditation, but I'll figure it out in a few days.

Her day is long... she leaves at 6:30am, school starts at 8, and she is out around 4:15pm.  Wednesdays are even longer because she is taking the after-school pointe class at Laguardia.  It's a heavy schedule for her, but she has the personality for it and she is where she wants to be.

I went to the eye dr Monday morning.
Everything is good.
I have to wait two more months to get a contact lens for multifocal vision.
All the residual weirdness- "positive photopsia", flares, lens reflections, light flashes, too-much-light, halos, pulsing lights, and everything I told the dr is normal.... annoying but normal.  He said it does go away but can take months.  My eye still does get tired by the end of the day (as compared to the right which is fine) but at least I don't have that severe pain anymore.

I go back in November and will hopefully get a new contact lens at that time.
I'm not a fan of reading glasses. Not at all. They make my right eye weird and in general are extremely inconvenient. But right now I'm not very functional without them. I keep 2 pairs at work, one at my home computer, one at the easel, and I travel with a pair at all times.  It's a real PITA.

As time goes on my brain is adjusting to my new vision, but it is still.... weird. A big change.
Dr says the color vision in my left eye is the same as a person under 25.  After that age yellow pigments slowly collect in the eye lens.  I can see a discernible difference between my left and right eyes.  Not dramatic but noticeable. And I am always wondering if my vision is as crisp as it could be, probably because of the halos.

What I do NOT have is a cataract, and that is really nice.

I feel like 5 years have passed since now and surgery.

Monday evening I saw Eva and I made the decision to stop going.
Eva has been a constant literally for the last 9 years but I'm at a point where I need to open my evenings and I don't need or want to talk about things. My own inner guidance is excellent. I'm doing extremely well and have been for a while. This is a time of change and it feels right.

Tuesday Daya started physical Therapy.  Her hips are really messed up, very inflamed.
She will be going 2x a week for about 6 weeks but probably a little longer.  I had to go with her Tuesday but she can go alone from now on.

Daya is in a new phase of growing up and I really feel it this week.  High school is different than middle school.  I'm involved with her differently. I don't even know how to describe it as she has always been so independent (with my encouragement) but the high school environment is... different.  It all just feels different to me and I feel her being more grown up. Yet at the same time she is not.

Last night I went to yoga for the first time since the end of July.
I didn't intend to be gone for so long but between my eye not feeling well and then some scheduling stuff the last couple of weeks, it has been that long.  Going back felt so good. My body needs it. So does my mind.

Tonight I have night 2 NYC plein airing at night!
I schlepped all my gear to work.  Tonight I am using my large setup.

We got competition pictures and videos yesterday from August!
Here are 2 pictures of Daya in her chef role.  She looks so great.

Saturday, September 07, 2019

Not Too Old

We had to get some school supplies on Saturday, so off to Staples we went.
It took a while and when we were almost done, Daya decided she was still young enough to ride in the shopping cart and get pushed around.

Because she is a teenager she not only sat in the cart while I pushed it, she also told me where to go and how to go there.

It is hard to steer a cart full of teenager.

Friday, September 06, 2019

Friday Nite in Williamsburg

Daya and I went to a sweet 16 party for one of the girls who used to go to the studio.
It was a great party, but was a very late night.

The venue was right on the waterfront in Brooklyn and was stunning.
Pictures don't do it justice.  The sky was all dark.

Today Daya had an audition at school for level placement.  The freshman class is divided into 2 groups- the first is people who have had either less previous training or have bad habits needing correction.

The second group is (I guess) a higher level.  They all even out by the end of the year though.
Daya wants the ballet 2 group, of course.

Plein Air at Nite Week 1

Last night's workshop was excellent. I'm looking forward to next week.
We met right around the corner from Art Students' League, across from Carnegie Hall looking at Times Square.

Here's my bullet list of things I learned, things I knew but forgot that got re-activated, and general bits:Push/pull values-- we heard this a lot at Pratt and I kind of forgot the phrase until last night.
  • Indicate- I need to work on this.
  • Mass in large shapes, dark thin values, look for the overall scene
  • Garin laid in a wet drippy dark tone over a white panel, it wasn't pre-toned but only because he had just bought it to show the class.
  • Perspective (I always think about this already)
  • FOAM CORE MOUNT/HACK for larger panels held on box (!!!! this really solves a problem I have been trying to figure out about panel size limitations!!!) I will have to get a separate wet panel carrier now but I see 16x20s in my future..........
  • Everyone liked my pochade light.
  • Optical effects, darker values then the light.  (Street lamp glow in Garin's painting)
Mostly I felt really uncoordinated and in new unfamiliar space. This is a good thing.  I need to break my approach and get exposure to new things, and this is always awkward at first but that's good.

Plein air at night is REALLY different than during the day.  The colors are different.  I need more paint, I'm running low on some key colors.

Changes in the sky before dark:

Garin's setup. He's using an OpenBoxM.
(He likes my box.)

This is Garin's painting, with a detail of my favorite part, the street lamp.

                                                GARIN BAKER'S PAINTING NOT MINE

Here's my painting, I don't like looking at it after Garin's painting. :/
8x10 oil, this was too small a size. I'm bringing my larger box next week.

Daya had a great first day. She loves her classes and her teachers.
The only thing she doesn't like is her bottom locker, so she's going to request a top locker on the basis that..... getting to the bottom one "hurts her back".....

I told her go for it, ask for what you want but since you are a dance major be prepared for them to laugh at you.....

Thursday, September 05, 2019

Good Morning Laguardia!

High school started today!
Today is a very special day, one Daya has been wanting and anticipating for YEARS.

It is a new phase in life for both of us, and she could not be in a better place.

Here's the annual first day of school pic I have taken here very single year since preschool:

I went to Lincoln Center to get a picture of Daya in front of school on the first day, and also to pay for Starbucks.  Daya met a friend from the studio on the train which was fun.

I was staring at the pointe shoe that is still hanging on my easel last night and I had this Great! Idea! for Laguardia fundraising... collect dead pointe shoes from the dancers, give them to the art kids to paint and turn into cool art, and they can be sold, raffled, or auctioned.

I sent an email to the dance and art PA people (parent association) and they love the idea.

Wednesday, September 04, 2019


I cannot freaking wait for school to start because I want to be back on a normal routine.
Yesterday was nice at work and the focus group was really a nice time as well, but as soon as I came home (late, screwey trains) it was like a whole cluster of crap was just waiting for me and it would. not. stop.

Run-on rant:

11pm I came home tired- exhausted actually, to find Daya had not showered after her earlier bike ride so that needed to happen, she was very stinky, which was annoying because I wanted to clean up and settle in for the evening, she had been home all day, and she had to go first because I REALLY needed to get her in bed. She did her laundry the other day and I needed a clean bath towel because she used mine on the cat (don't even ask) so I went in her laundry to get one and it was STILL WET idk how or why she took stuff out of the dryer still damp but she did and let it sit in the laundry bag we have gone thru this before it is not the first time so I had a wet bath towel, had to hang everything from her laundry because it was smelling musty and probably all has to be washed again, (which she actually expects me to do) then went into the kitchen to find something for dinner and there on the counter was one of my favorite bowls I have had for 20 years sitting on the counter in three pieces... asked Daya what happened she said she put it on the counter and the cat knocked it off, wtf was the damn cat doing on the counter, she doesn't know, my monthly arrived while Daya was supposed to be showering but was in the bathroom with the door closed not showering, and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH... FINALLY got her to bed and tried to settle in and the internet was out, then finally that came on again after resetting everything, I had just started to relax and clean up my blog post from thursday with some relaxing tea when I heard Daya out of bed and in the kitchen....... idk what happened but she was drinking milk, said her throat was sore and felt closed up and she couldn't breathe, I said when did that start she said when she went to bed.  She's not sick or having an allergic reaction so my best guess is anxiety/panic attack which fits all the symptoms which she flatly denied.... she wanted a base thinking it was acid reflux... went down entire list of today-eaten food/drink, nothing weird or new, I still think it is anxiety and the internet even said so but she would not hear it, she asked me to make something to help her since we don't have antacid tablets (never need them)... so I looked something up online and made her a baking soda concoction which she took forever to drink dramatically in the bathroom, then spent 15 minutes throwing it up, then she said she felt a little better, I guess some of the baking soda got to her throat and helped, who knows, she went to bed, I went to bed, and she woke up in a bad mood this morning. If you are a parent maybe you have experienced being utterly exhausted and still having to deal with someone else who requires you to figure out their problem and solve it while they fight you every step of the way and then get mad at you.  One of the absolute suckiest things about parenting is when you have to deal with your kid having- whatever they are having- insert anything dramatic here- and you are just in no shape to deal with it but you still have to. I'm not unsympathetic I just abhor the accompanying drama.

I am skipping yoga AGAIN tonight (have not been since July) because I need to prep Daya for school tomorrow and also prep myself for the Garin Baker workshop. (I will probably die from the workshop but it will be fun.) I was home last last night, tomorrow will be late, and Friday I have to go to a party that is basically overnight in Brooklyn.  So I need tonight at home.

The start of school this year brings me a huge jump in freedom that I have not had since the day Daya was born.  She only has to take 4 classes a month at the studio, and it is whatever classes she wants.  So I'll still have to pick her up later at night sometimes but not nearly as often.

I'm clearing out my schedule.  There are things that I don't feel are necessary anymore and I want my freedom back.  I don't want to be tied down to anything unnecessary.  I want to go to figure drawing after work, I want to go painting, I want to be involved with Laguardia, I want to do.... whatever.  or nothing.  My choice.

Yoga on Wednesdays I will keep.
And that's the only recurring-set-thing I want to keep.

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Jerry's Focus Group

Tonight I went to a focus group for Jerry's which was run by Drawing New York.

We got to play around with and give feedback on some materials. Sketches not much, about 15 minutes total.

I was going for a subtractive drawing technique but that charcoal was not great to be honest.

This was 2 minutes of testing the graphite which was better than the charcoal.

The second is a very quick watercolor, under 10 minutes. We were supposed to do a small still life but our host Heather (Who is Jerry's granddaughter!) was more interesting so I painted her instead. I gave her the painting, it's not very good and wasn't intended to be anything serious but it was still fun. We got to keep the supplies which are ok, the sketchbook is quite nice.

Monday, September 02, 2019

Tiara & Topiary Cat

There was a package in the mail waiting for me when I got home from painting on  Saturday.
Beth sent me a tiara!! It was supposed to be for her birthday party but the shipment was late.

I found the perfect place for my awesome tiara:

Daya needs original art for her school locker.
She wanted a Topiary Cat and a pointe shoe.

This is an ACEO card on Brisol, which I primed with Golden's pastel primer for some grit.  I used pastel pencils because it is so small.

ACEO (2.5 x 3.5") pastel
I could not get a good photograph, and pastels are usually easier to photo than oils.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Saturday Plein Airing

Today I went out plein airing... and got a late start. I decided to go into the park at 96th street again so I could get away from the crowds... usually the lower part of the park is more crowded and touristy.

Since it's labor day weekend, Saturday, and beautiful weather, I wanted to go somewhere a little quieter. It still took me way too long to find a spot. Part of my problem was getting a late start- I didn't get into the park until after 3pm and there isn't too much time for good light. The other thing is the views up here aren't as good- pure landscape ok but I also wanted a Central Park feel. Up here you can easily find spots of just landscape that could be anywhere. So I guess my intention was split and that made it more difficult.

I ended up here, it is above the reservoir and baseball fields:

There was a walking/bike path in front of where I was standing. A few people came over, all of them super-nice.  A young couple from Florida came over, the man used to paint in high school and I think seeing me paint made him miss it.  I hope he starts painting again.

Then another man came over, he had been riding his bike and he stopped to come see the painting.  As it turns out he is a photographer, and he asked if he could take some pictures.  This has happened to me before, and if people ask nicely I tend to say yes these days. (Sometimes people do not ask but I'm out in that environment so it's just part of it.)  Anyhow, he was SUPER nice and had really amazing eyes, so I said yes.  He took a lot of pictures.  I gave him my card and he said he would send some to me.

As far as painting goes, I brought my yellow ochre and accidentally my lemon yellow. I don't seem to properly know how to use lemon yellow.  It's one of those colors I think is fantastic but I when I use it everything is so acidic. 

I keep getting in my own way while painting.  I'm trying too hard to just relax and flow. 
Trying too hard never works.

8x10 oil


Here is a wonderful stripey sky at Central Park West looking west down 97th street.