topiary cats

topiary cats

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Little Green Book

Sometimes people make something called a Reiki Box, which is a box containing the reiki symbols and whatever prayers/intentions etc, all charged with reiki.

A modified version is a reiki notebook, which suits me much better.  My notebook is a little green Moleskine, not too much bigger than my phone.  I chose green because it is the color of the heart chakra, a good healing color.

In my little reiki notebook, there is lots of space for me to write whatever and whoever needs some energy.
It's like making hundreds of prayers all at once.  I send prayers and reiki to everything in my book every day.

There are people in my book I don't like, or have had difficulty with, etc.  It's good to send them good energy too, but they have their own Energetic Quarantine section.  Thankfully, it is a short list.

Little Green Book

Friday, January 30, 2015

Nice Neat Healing Packages

Sonia Choquette wrote another book.

I haven't read it yet but since I'm writing about it, I should.  I got a copy for Kindle because it was only $1.99.  The book has a lot of very positive reviews.

Here's the jist: Sonia Choquette is a well-known New Age-type of author.  She experienced a bunch of Life Crap including some deaths and the end of her marriage.  So, she took a pilgrimage through Camino de Santiago, an 820-kilometer trek over the Pyrenees and across northern Spain.  There, apparently she found healing and renewal.  The book is her story of that.

Camino de Santiago

That's all well and good HOWEVER:

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the average person, when faced with Life Crap such as a divorce (yes let's use that as an example)- cannot just leave their life to go on a trip like that to "heal".  It's presented as such a nice neat healing package- life implodes, chaos reigns, long expensive trip is taken, resolution and healing is found at the end of it.  So nice and tidy.

I am not at all knocking Ms. Choquette's book or her experience, what I am saying is that most of us have to go through our healing process while still living everyday life--being functional at work, taking care of kids, hopefully taking care of ourselves, trying to pick up our pieces. Those of us who don't have a lot of money (or any money), or time, or that kind of opportunity to have such a nice neat healing package with results delivered at the end along with a book deal- that anonymous everyday journey, while less dramatic, is no less powerful.  Perhaps it is even more powerful: struggling to heal while at the same time struggling to keep a roof over your head and deal with the pressures of mundane everyday life.

That healing journey isn't so nice and neat and predictable either- it is a process that can be back and forth. Through that process, each person has to decide for themselves that they WANT to heal and move on.  It is that intention which is the ultimate deciding factor.  It is something internal.  A lot of people don't actually want to heal, but it is a choice that is available at all times.  And moving on is so worth it.

Anyhow, I'm happy for Ms Choquette that her pilgrimage worked for her but most of us don't have that luxury.  And truly it is not necessary.  So be nice to all the crazy strangers around you, because they might be one of those anonymous heros struggling to get through.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Good Shower

The simplest, most common things in life are often the best.  Although my bathtub is my oasis, I highly value a good shower.

A good shower is truly one of the finest things in life.  Nice scented soap, good water pressure, hot hot HOT steaming water- it is a fine and wonderful thing.

Most people I know shower in the morning- but not me.  I have always been a night-showerer.  Not only because I like to keep my morning routine as short as possible, but symbolically, I like to clear the debris of the day away and enter into each new day fresh.  And I like being clean in bed.

Some members of my little household also like to be clean in my bed.

Cat & Child Hygeine

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Not Boxed In

I was out with my friends recently and they were discussing something they want to do for someone's birthday that I have absolutely no interest in whatsoever.

They want to go to a (female) strip club.  While I have nothing against it, and don't think there is anything weird or wrong or whatever with it, it's just simply not my thing.  Not my idea of fun.  It doesn't resonate with me. At all.  I don't even want to go to a male strip club.  (Now if you say figure drawing......I'm so there....)  Frankly, I think it's a gross environment.  I'm not interested in seeing people flaunt their bits around for money.  And I have better things to spend my money on.  I also don't think I should have to justify or defend the fact that I am not interested.

My friend asked me in a challenging way if I would consider "coming out of my box" to celebrate with my friends.  My answer:  it depends.

But here's the thing which- I'm not sure "bothered" is the right word, it is too strong- I really disagree with-

I am not in a box.  

My friend might disagree with me, but that would tell me she doesn't really understand me.  And that is ok.  I don't expect everyone to always understand me.  I didn't get into it with her, it's just not worth it.  I have to let it go.  I guess what bothers me is feeling judged and misunderstood simply for being different.

I love new experiences, going new places, trying new things, I will take risks, I love adventure, and I am an extremely open-minded person.  Whatever floats your boat- as long as it is not causing harm to you or others- I'm totally fine with it.

I know myself really, REALLY well. And I am always looking to expand as a person.  But people are different- and just because I am different from my friends in this regard does not mean I am uptight, or repressed, or a prude, or in a box.   I am none of those things. Different things appeal to different people and I'm just really not into it.  If they are that's fine.  It should be fine with them that I just simply am not into it.  I'm not into clubbing (have been, several times, don't like it)- why is it that they don't judge me for that, but if I don't want to go to a strip club I'm "in a box"?

Not only did I spend all of college staring at and drawing naked people, but I also modeled for fellow artists.
Nudity does not bother me.

So I don't want to be judged as being in a box just because I am different.  I don't have to like what they like, they don't have to like what I like.  I don't judge them for it, and I wish they wouldn't judge me.

If they go, I'm going to pass. Even for a birthday.  Not because I am in a box, but because I know myself, and I respect myself enough to honor my choices no matter what my closest and dearest people might think about it.  It is ok for me to be different and I will honor that.  I hope they have fun, even if they are thinking less of me.

Don't judge me just because I am different

There is a LOT about me that my closest friends do not know about, nor will they ever understand.  And that is OK.  There are things that are important to me, things I focus on, things I am actively developing that are simply not a part of their spheres.  They think something is wrong with me if I am too quiet.  They don't understand that most of the time I am very quiet, and I require a lot of silence and solitude.  They do not need these things, they do not relate, and that is ok. There are things in their worlds they like and enjoy, which I do not relate to, that are not part of my sphere.  It's ok.  I'm not judging them, and I wish they would not judge me.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Stacks of Horrid Drivel

I started keeping journals in high school. I never had a passion for writing (and I still do not) but keeping a journal has literally been lifesaving.  I started automatic writing when a guest speaker came in and introduced my art class to The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.  Every day (mostly) for years I did my three pages of automatic writing. (My morning pages)  It is a form of meditation.

Occasionally I still revert to paper journals or my sketchbook.  But most of my personal writing is here now.

Writing stuff down, especially automatic writing, is such a simple yet powerful thing to do.  It is a fantastic way to empty yourself out, to get all that mental and emotional junk out.  We are filled with so many things in every day, in life in general- we have to empty ourselves continually.

One of my biggest fears in high school (and college...and maybe for several years after that...) was dying and someone finding and reading my journals!  Gasp! Horrors!  As if anyone would have the patience to decipher my handwriting. As if anyone would really want to do that.  Back then I would have been stunned to know I write personal things and other people can read it!  And it is true that there is some very personal stuff on this blog!  It's ironic because I am a very private person.  I value my privacy and I respect others' privacy. I don't often share really personal stuff with people.  Not unless I feel a very good connection with them. There are many things on this blog that I don't talk about at all with anyone.

Writing- especially automatic writing- gives me the space to sort myself out and also very directly and honestly look at and give voice to anything in my mind and heart.  If you are not truly honest with yourself, how can you be honest with anyone else?

One day perhaps Daya will read my blog, when she is older, and know me a little better through it.  A side of me, a perspective that she really doesn't know. It is a nice record to have, especially because I tend to forget a lot of stuff.

Here is a journal snippet from 1996, my first year in college! I have a lot of journals, mostly filled with angst and complete nonsense.  It's not interesting, it's not a good record, it's not profound, it's not memorable, it's a bunch of utter drivel. I wish I documented college better than I did.  But it helped me cope in a way nothing else could have.  It served its purpose.

One day I probably should throw them all in a bonfire.

No one would want to decipher this rot.

I'm realizing that I wrote the above entry almost 19 years ago.  How the hell did THAT happen!

I need to go faint now.

Monday, January 26, 2015

On Being Trapped By Wonky Eyes

Some years back, when Daya was very little, I wanted to relocate out of NYC.

I am so glad it never happened.

While NYC is truly the ultimate love-hate relationship, it is home.  I just can't imagine living anywhere else.  I have a sense of belonging here, that I am where I am supposed to be.  Every time I leave, I have a nice time but I am always glad to come back.  My roots are here.

A lot of the reasoning behind my desire to move had to do with feeling very scared and trapped.  I was alone with a baby, which in itself is a restricting experience- physically, financially, timewise, energy-wise...and I felt very trapped and reactive to that.  And I was going through the aftermath of my ill-fated marriage fallout.  It was a vulnerable time.

Another reason is that I don't drive.  This is something most people take for granted and it is not a big deal.  For me it is a very big deal.  I have a pair of extremely wonky eyes, they are green which is nice but they just don't work very well at all.  I was told as a teenager that I would never be able to drive.  So I went to college here in NYC where that wasn't an issue.  And I stayed because you really don't need a car here.

My Stupid Wonky Eyes

In 2006 I mentioned something about not being able to get a driver's license and my eye dr told me I actually could- that I composite correct to (just barely) 20/40 which is the minimum requirement.  He has to fill out the exam paper for me though, I can't pass the eye test at the DMV.  My vision didn't get better, the other doctor was just wrong.  (He also said I have no peripheral vision, which is completely false as my visual field tests every year are textbook perfect.)

So I got a driver's license.  And I haven't driven since my driving test in 2006.  But that was such a big deal for me, getting that license.  I felt less trapped, like I had more control/choice.  I did something I had believed was impossible for so many years.

However, I do not trust my eyes enough to drive.  I really don't.  That, plus a complete lack of road experience makes me Not Roadworthy.  I really should not be driving.  You don't want me on the road, honest.  Also, I would definitely lose my car.

When I tell people about my eyes and driving, they seem not to believe me based on their own visual shortcomings.  And also because I paint. (It doesn't make sense to me either)  Please believe me when I tell you that in all seriousness, your eyes really are better than mine unless you are worse than a minus 16 and/or legally blind in BOTH eyes. (Hey, let's trade!)  I am legally blind in my right eye (even with contacts), whose main function is to provide moral support for my left eye.  I compensate in other ways for my lack of vision.  And no I can't get the laser surgery because you have to be within a certain vision range to get it (I am out of that range) and because no doctor will touch me for non-essential surgery because I am functionally one-eyed.

My eye wonkiness has had an enormous impact on my life- socially and otherwise.  It has enclosed me in ways I might not have been enclosed otherwise, because I really just do not see everything (and everyone) around me. I don't even notice things other people point out, until they say something.  I can be totally oblivious.  I was the runty kid with the coke bottle glasses.  And I know my eyes look funny sometimes. (People often point it out.  Adults and kids.  For my whole life.)  I'm pretty self-conscious about it.

So, I'm not very good at eyesight but I'm very good at other things.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses.

But anyhow, I am at peace now with living here now, though I wasn't for a long time.  I suppose if I have to be trapped somewhere, NYC is probably one of the best places in the world.

(Pic is from the top of the Central Park reservoir 
from over the summer)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Drag Bingo

It is 1:25 AM and I got home maybe 20 minutes ago.  For Millie's birthday, we went to Drag Bingo.

Bingo with Drag Queens!  It is one of the most hilarious and fun things EVER.  Alana won a 3D placemat and Millie won a blinky glow-in-the-dark wand thing.

Then we walked up to Union Square, then up to Times Square. We had some very interesting adventures with snowmen in Madison Square Park on the way up.  We photobombed some kids and took ridiculous pictures in Times Square.

None of us had a drop of alcohol either.  We are just naturally insane, and sometimes shameless.

Bingo is best with drag queens!!

 Linda said I look too young to have a kid so I love her

My Most Awesome Girls

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Just Some Inner Ramblings

Human life is difficult, and even with the best intentions and tools it's still terribly wobbly at times.  But that is the nature of the spiritual journey- the chaos-stability-chaos-stability pattern.

I'm at a place now where I am truly at peace with my life so far, with one exception, one pattern, on which I go back and forth.  Sometimes I am ok with it and sometimes I am not.

But overall, I have a sense of walking forward unencumbered.  Of not carrying anything with me which is outdated. I'm not angry at anyone, I don't resent anyone or anything, I have a lot of clarity on situations and events, and people for the most part. Enough, anyhow.  Things that mattered in their own times have passed and simply do not matter anymore, except for the beneficial lessons which have remained.. I feel emptied out in a good way.

Often in spiritual practice, the concept of surrendering to God comes up.  Of giving everything to God.  Everything.  That means past, present, and future.  At this juncture in time, that is where I am.  I have given it all to God, to a Source far greater than myself, of which I am also a part.

 What it feels like, when you have given everything to God, is that everything feels "ok".  Not in a dramatic way, but in a subtle, solid, stable "It's ok" way.  It is a quiet and peaceful kind of ok. Things that have happened, yesterday or 30 years ago, it is all ok.  Other peoples' behavior and actions- it is all ok.  That's also how you know you have come out of spiritual madness/spiritual day it just happens that everything is ok.  It doesn't have to be attached to an event, and truly, I think that is best because that makes it pure.

I don't know where I am going.  Right now I am just walking and seeing where the road goes.  There is only one thing I wish for myself, and I deeply hope to be walking towards it.  I can't know for sure.  I want to float along with the current and end up where I am supposed to end up.  I don't want to control details, I'll let God handle that. I am in a very receptive place, waiting.  This is a very yin thing.

The one thing I worry about is no-change. (and I do have a preference to keep my income and home)  But I have to give that to God, and walk in faith.  Sometimes it is hard not to freak out but that, too, passes.

I know for certain that I will face spiritual madness again- because that is the nature of the journey- and that is ok too.  Sometimes you must allow yourself to be really-not-ok, so that whatever needs to pass can pass through fully and completely, which is unpleasant.  But for now, I am floating along, letting God direct the current.

This is a good time for me to resume my practice of morning and evening meditation, as a little bit of structure is good.

Gayatri Mantra

Friday, January 23, 2015

Thursday Night

What a strange week. Being sick really threw off my rhythm.

Tonight has that surreal feel to it, like I am floating around aimlessly with no real purpose.  Like I am walking around in a suspended dream.

It is unpleasant.

It is lonely, too.

I'm over-rested but at the same time my mind isn't up for any kind of hard focus.

I floated around for a bit while Daya was in dance.  Then I went and watched her class.  She is doing very well. Growing up.  She is the youngest student in the pre-pointe class.

October 2009
One of the first ballet classes


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cabin Fever

It's that time of year again.  People go stir-crazy. Even WetCanvas has been....livelier than usual.

Admittedly, it's hard to get cabin fever in NYC.  If it's too cold outside, there are tons of great indoor places to explore.

That's why I just about never get cabin fever.

I like being home.
I like being out.

But four (4) days straight of being at home with the cats and a cold virus for company** has thrown me into the feverish state of, err...cabins.

 It is hard to get cabin fever here.
(pic is from the reservoir in Central Park, 
facing west.  I took it this past summer)

**NOTE: Cold viruses are not good company.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Death of the Cold Virus

I'm still fighting this damn cold off, but I'm winning!  Finally!

Today I am once again working from home in my cloud of Vicks.

Here are some pictures of the common cold virus.  It's.... kinda cool looking.

Some other viruses with happy faces.

There is something fundamentally wrong 
with putting happy faces on viruses.

Some other viruses with mean faces.
Check out that virus at the very top left!

At least the cold virus does not make empty promises...unlike some other viruses....

No cold virus ever promised me $50k.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cat Profile: Furball

Name: Furball
Color:  Dilute tortie, short hair
Also Known As: Furball the Wonder Cat, Furball the Band-Aid Cat
One word description: Baby
Backstory: Furball was dumped with her litter mates at ACC.  No mama.  All of them were very scared and very covered with fleas.
Household Roles: The Baby, The Perfect One
Favorite food:  Tuna Water
Favorite spot: Wherever everyone else is
Oddities: Extremely skittish.  Freaks out easily.  Shy.  Incredibly affectionate.  Will demand attention.  Likes for the other cats to groom her.  LOVES to talk.  Has a 2-part meow.  Her tail is extra long.  Loves to wrestle with Isis.

Daya named Furball.  A name like Furball is what happens when your 7 year old is involved.
This little kitty cat can do no wrong.  She is perfect.  Always.

Furball has her very own song.  Be glad I can't sing it for you, because it will stick in your head.
It has 2 verses:

Furball the Wonder Cat
Meow meow meow meow meow
Furball the Wonder Cat
Meow meow meow meow meow

Furball the Band-Aid Cat
Meow meow meow meow meow
Furball the Band-Aid Cat
Meow meow meow meow meow

Furball at 3 months.
She used to chase her tail.  It was the cutest thing EVER.

Daya rightly noticed that Furball has a band-aid toe.

 Lounging on Daya's top bunk

 Extra Long Tail

With Isis

Lazer Eyes

Monday, January 19, 2015

Lies and Denial


I had to go out Sunday morning in wet weather.  This was the forecast:

It was a lie.  There were no ice pellets.


I am NOT SICK.  I do not get sick. My throat does not hurt, I can breathe just fine, when I talk I can, and it's not at all painful, I'm not coughing or sneezing at all, I have plenty of energy.....No I am not sick.  No.

This kind of thing usually comes on gradually, and when I feel it coming on I do Things which prevent me from getting not-sick.  But whatever this is NOT, it just slammed into me.

I only drank the NyQuil because it tastes good.  Not because I need it or anything like that. Because I do not feel terrible.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ballet for Cats

Daya is in seven (!) dance classes, so naturally she wants to get the cats involved.

Pebbles had her first ballet lesson.  She learned tendu.  
After class, Pebbles performed her first recital.

Such an exciting time for a kitty cat.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Warning: Small Rant

Here is something that happened on the R train Thursday evening.

It is by no means a unique incident.  In fact, it is rather widespread.  But just because it is widespread enough to be "normal" doesn't mean it should be.

Daya and I were sitting on the train.
A woman got on with her son, who was maybe 7.  Before the train even started moving he was dancing in the aisle.  She told him over and over to stop, sit down, no showing off, etc.

He ignored her completely.

The train started moving.  He started dancing in the aisle again.  Repeatedly she told him to stop, sit down, which he steadfastly ignored.  She gave up.  He started cavorting up and down the train aisle.

She, meanwhile, busied herself with her phone.


Oh I know.  This is nothing in the grand scheme of things.
Good parenting, of course, involves being your child's friend and reminding them how special they are.

Rant over.

Friday, January 16, 2015


This is so beautiful.  Such amazing love.  This is what transcends the deepest fears.

To have a spirit like be so loving.....what a gift, to be like that.

Don't worry, I'll take care of you.

I think, truly, this is what God wants us to know and trust.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The End of the World

Daya called me when she got home from school crying and wailing.

She was hurt.  She was scared.  It was something on the school bus.  It was something on the way home from school.  Something happened at school.  Something broke.  There was blood.  Something was lost. Something was stolen.  Someone was mean to her......

Her: My gymnastics mat!
Me: What?
Her: The cats!
Me: .....What?  Did they scratch it?

more wailing and sobbing

I almost died of relief.

Cat Puke
(photo not representative of actual puke)

I told her to get some spray bleach or Lysol wipes and clean it up, or wait until I got home and I would do it.

I had to explain to her in minute detail how to get a paper towel, wipe up the puke, spray bleach on it, then wipe up the bleach.

She said it was hard and confusing because she has never done this before...... WHAT?  This is not complex.....

This is a highly creative and clever child who is in the gifted program, accelerated reading and math, does intricate problem solving on her own, cooks, draws, dances, sings, swims, invents things......the list goes on and on.

I just simply do not understand how she doesn't understand how to wipe something up with a paper towel and a little bleach, even with step by step instructions.  IT DRIVES ME BATSHIT CRAZY.  

The truth is that the procedure itself would normally not confuse her.  When Daya gets emotional, she falls apart completely and becomes non-functional.  Sigh.

She did manage to clean her mat but was very concerned about the smell of the bleach.

But who doesn't love bleach?


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Less Red

I re-dyed my hair.  It had to be done.

While I am pretty shameless in general regarding color, I simply cannot go around looking like Ariel.


Daya is very disappointed.

I put brown over it, so it is still red (which is fine) but darker and toned down.  I like it ok, I can live with it.

Less Red

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Really Red!

My Mode of Operation sometimes is:
1. Act
2. Get in Trouble
3. Get Out of Trouble
4. Think

I'm pretty sure this is not the best approach to life....
This is why I need Jenn, She researches EVERYTHING before acting.

Case in point:  I dyed my hair...oh gosh it's really red!!  I was unsure at first if I liked it.

Daya loves it.  Carey says neither of us ever does tacky, which is true.  (Her hair is pink and it looks fabulous)

It's really red!!

After living with it for a day,
I came to the conclusion that it is AWFUL.

I look like Ariel.  It's that bad.

My only recourse is Dawn dish detergent, Neutrogena clarifying shampoo (Which stinks but is still good), and crushed vitamin C tablets.  If this doesn't work enough I am going to have to re-dye it. While I do know you are not supposed to process your hair too much too soon, I have never cared too much about what I am "supposed" to do.  I'll get Jenn to research it.

Do you know that after you wash your hair about 17 times (yes literally) you get really bored?  I had to stop and take a break.

Thank goodness it's Winter and I can get away with wearing a hat.

I put some very pretty cayenne pepper on my altar.

Pretty Cayenne

Monday, January 12, 2015

Death's Door

I have finished listening to "Spiritual Madness" by Caroline Myss.  It took me a little while as there was a lot to absorb.

In the Q&A session, something very powerful came up.  Something I just went through.  Something I am so deeply glad and grateful to have gotten some clarity on.  This is EXACTLY what I went through the end of last year.  It is not the first time I have gone through Spiritual Death/Resurrection, and I am sure it won't be the last either, but some clarity sure is nice.

But it is good to be on the other side of it.  I left some things there, on purpose, and I am so glad they are gone.

Q:  What about thoughts of suicide when one is in the Dark Night?  How can one deal with such thoughts?

A:  You will have thoughts of suicide.  I'm going to tell you now, expect thoughts of suicide.  Expect to come to Death's door some way or another.  The fact is you have to experience that.  

If I were your spiritual adviser, I'd have a question for you:  "Do you want to die yet?  Have you reached that point?"   I would encourage you to enter that place.  And I'd say "I want you to get that close- to where you don't want to live anymore."  So that, when you come back to life, the Lazarus Experience- when you go through a Resurrection- you come back more alive than you ever were before and you realize you were actually living dead before that experience.    

And what really dies is part of you that wants your life to be other than the way it is.  That relentless voice that will bring you no peace, that says "if you only have this, if you only get this, if you are only with this person, all would be perfect."  That relentless voice that tells you lies constantly.  That's the voice that brings you to Death's door. That's the one, when you recognize, if you can remember this teaching- that when you feel suicidal- and it's spiritual suicide that's motivating it, not a psychological depression- not a drug withdrawal, but genuine spiritual madness and depression- that you hang on and say "This is it.  I am letting go of my ambitions for my own life."  

This is the release point.    This is it.  And let it die.  Go through the death.  Enter your own tomb. You'll sleep for days.  You'll enter that space of No Space, that death space.  

And then your resurrection comes.


Here is also a little something I will most likely need to be reminded of at some point, again from the same program:

"The more confusing a situation is, 
the more the Hand of God is there."

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Yesterday I went to my friend's daughter's son's first birthday party.  I got the invitation sometime in early December. Since I knew what day it was, and that I was definitely going, I did not bother to open the card to get the details until this past Monday.

My friend lives in Ridgewood.  The baby lives in Ridgewood. Everyone lives in Ridgewood.  Like any normal sane person, I assumed the party would be in Ridgewood, which is not far from me and easy to get to. A very nice neighborhood, Ridgewood.

I opened the card.

The party was not in Ridgewood.

It was in FAR ROCKAWAY.  In the projects.  Great.

I definitely did not want to go to Far Rockaway,  But I love my friend and had to be there for her, so we got on the LIRR and went far away to Far Rockaway.

There is a reason it is called FAR Rockaway.

So anyhow we got to Far Rockaway, to the projects, and of course we got lost.  On the way to getting lost, and on the way back from getting lost, we passed a haunted house.  Seriously, it was haunted.

Definitely Haunted.  No Question.

I wanted to get a good picture of the huge DO NOT ENTER sign on the door but Lexi was using the GPS on my phone.

You can kind-of see it here.

Just in case you are considering it, DO NOT ENTER.

Now, here's what happened at the haunted house.  When we were navigating to the correct direction, we passed the haunted house again.  After we passed it, my phone lost all its battery power and wouldn't even turn on.  This was very odd, since I didn't even know I had low battery.  Once at the party, I turned my phone on again, it booted up and I suddenly had 33% battery remaining!

The haunted house drained 
all of my iPhone's energy!  
Keep all iPhones away from haunted houses!

We finally got to the party, which was in the housing projects.  What was really fun and and special was the lack of any sort of lock on the building entry door.  Oh, and no security either.  Fun.

Well, I love my friend and she is one of the few people I would go out to Far Rockaway for.  She did not plan the party.  If she had, it certainly would have been in Ridgewood.

Saturday, January 10, 2015


We got some snow on Friday morning!  FINALLY!


Queens Snow

Bryant Park, corner of 42nd and 6th

 42nd and 6th, looking west to Times Square

 42nd and 7th, looking north (Times Square)