topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, October 01, 2015

October Winds

Have you ever wanted something so badly, over such a long period of time, and it just never happens no matter how hard you try, or how much you let go and stop trying?

And then it shows up to taunt you, but disappears, then comes back to remind you, then disappears again?

It's hard.  Too hard.

Two years ago when my ex-BFF was living with me for a month (October 2013) with her two kids and her boyfriend, Archangel Michael showed up very strongly and directly in a very specific and tangible dream. It was energy I desperately needed at the time, and it contained a gift, and a message.

Do angels lie?

The change of seasons always brings remembered resonance of seasons past.
Sometimes that is nice and sometimes it is not.

Daya goes to Middle School next year.  We are going to apply to two- one we are zoned for (which will take her no matter what) and another in the neighborhood that would be better.  I have to learn what they want for applications, to see if she can get in on audition for their performing arts program. Either way, Middle School will be fine.  There is a Middle School Fair later today.  Lots to find out.

Orange Tree, Bronx Zoo
October 2013


  1. It still baffles me that you guys have to apply to get into schools. Here you just pick a school of your choice, pay the moolas, and you're in.

  2. Best of luck. The fall winds are blowing here. Hopefully for you and Daya they blow in the enchantment you need to get the school she needs.

  3. I learned a phrase from a Vietnamese nun, when I used to lament to her about various things, and she would always say "That's just rife" That was with her accent, which really meant That's Just Life! I think of her often, and in my 59 years on earth, I realize that, yes, most of every thing is JUST RIFE. So, I don't know if that helps or hinders, but I say it all the time now when something like this comes helps me to let it go. Best of luck with Daya's applications! Sounds like the farther away school is an arts school, which would be awesome! Love the orange tree! Have a great weekend coming up!!!
    XOXO- Julie

  4. I have totally wanted something for many years and I have never been able to attain it... then it came into my life for a fleeting moment and it was gone again... Life is hard with all the challenges that ultimately make us stronger ... xox


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