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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

This is What Happened

All is said and done now.  In my entire life, I have never been as furious- absolutely furious- with someone as I am with someone who was a best friend. My anger with her outstrips all anger I have ever had towards anyone in my whole life.

The beginning of this year brought something very unexpected, which was a final straw in a whole series of events which has broken a deep friendship forever.  My friend was very much my sister, part of my heart. Our kids were best friends and have grown up together. I gave and forgave until I just could not anymore. I am done.  Forever.

  • In 2012 my friend had to move because her landlord was converting the apartment into a daycare for a family member.
  • She is a single mom with no family around, like me.  She has 2 young boys.
  • Due to bills from her ex and her divorce, her credit was not so great.  But she is responsible and has a fantastic job.  The same thing happened to me, so I understand.  It took me years to fix my credit, which is now awesome again.
  • She couldn't get an apartment because of the credit check.  She tried.  She was at the point of having to uproot the kids, leave her awesome job, and move in with her mother in Florida.
  • So I signed as a tenant on her lease, which was actually the leasing company's suggestion, that she finds someone to do that, but it had to be a NY resident.  So I did it.
  • Our agreement and promise was that it would only be for ONE YEAR, and she would do what she had to do to pay things off and bring her credit back up, then she was to get her own lease without my name.
  • In 2013 she renewed the lease in my name without my knowledge or consent.  I didn't find out until after, because I asked about it.  She said she would get me off the lease, but she procrastinated or forgot, and she did not do it even though I was on her case about it.
  • Also in 2013 she was laid off from her job, but she found new employment within a couple of months.
  • In October 2013 she drafted a notarized letter that we both signed to get me off the lease.  
  • A couple of days later she came home from work to find out she had been evicted from the apartment.  She pretended to be shocked and surprised and to not know anything about it.
  • I took her, her two boys, AND her boyfriend at the time in and they lived with me FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH.  I asked nothing in return and she gave me nothing.
  • She got a new apartment in her name.
  • I have an eviction on my public record, which might affect me if I need to move.  My friend swore up and down she would research to see how we could get it sealed/removed/transferred to her. That never happened, I did follow up with her several times.
  • In Jan 2014 I received a letter from the leasing company saying I owed money.  A lot of money.  I spoke to the leasing company and I also gave a copy of the letter to my friend who said she would take care of it.
  • When I followed up she said it was taken care of.
  • All was forgiven, we remained best friends.
  • In Feb 2015 I received a phone call from an attorney telling me they were taking legal action against me to collect a debt---it was that January letter.  She didn't do it when she said, then she forgot about it.
  • I freaked right the hell out.  Did some research.  Found some things out about evictions.  Went to court to look at the papers.  As it turns out, THERE WERE TWO SEPARATE COURT SUMMONS AND JUDGEMENTS AGAINST ME from 2013- one earlier in the year and one for the October eviction.  The eviction was due to non-payment of the rent over time. 
  • My friend swears she never stopped paying but she is obviously lying and never did anything to prove it,  It is her vague word against court papers. The court papers win. She knew about it, I saw the service notifications, she just ignored it.  TWICE.  And then she just lied and played dumb.
  • Last week I told her that if she had made those payments she is obligated to prove it and we have to re-open the case and go to court. I gave her a number to call (so much for her research). She said she would call almost two weeks ago and let me know.  She never did it; I have heard nothing. Because it obviously has no importance to her whatsoever.
  • I  have confirmed with the law firm that she paid in full.  If she didn't, it would have come out of Daya's college savings.
She just accepts that it ruined our friendship.  She has no intention of making it right.  So I am stuck with the eviction.  It is absolutely unbelievable. I have no words.  ..............

I was a good friend to her and she just treated my friendship like garbage.  Over and over.

........until you abuse it and take advantage 
and lie and put me in harm's way.....
I am loyal to a fault 
but I also respect myself 
enough to have limits.


  1. Words fail me except to say how sorry I am this happened to you.

  2. What a terrible situation. :(

    <3 <3 <3

  3. A horrible thing to happen. It is all made to be the worse screnerio due to a friend doing this to you. I hope you find peace over this. You don't need a friend like this. A heartless user.


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