topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, April 06, 2015

Hudson: Meow-Meow

This past weekend I went up to Hudson to visit my amazing friend Drusilla.  I have tons and tons of great Blog Fodder from the trip.  But since it is Sunday night and I am very tired, I will start with Meow-Meow, simply because this is the shortest and fastest post to write.

Meow-Meow lives upstairs.  His real name is Clapton but that doesn't suit him.  So Dru calls him Meow-Meow.  He is a rescue with a vague history.  His owners attempt to keep him indoors but he always breaks out.  Meow-Meow hates being indoors.  Dru made a little cat-spot for him on her porch with a cave, food, and blankets.  Meow-Meow loves it in there.  (That's how awesome Dru is.  Meow-Meow drives her nuts yet she still looks out for him and makes sure he is comfy.  Even though he technically lives upstairs.)

Meow-Meow lounging in his man-cat cave

Meow-Meow talks.  A lot.  Loudly.  ALL THE TIME.  Seriously, you have to hear this cat to believe it. As cats are wont to be assholes rebellious, I had trouble getting Meow-Meow to talk for a video. It's likely I am the first and only person ever to have 1) actually wanted him to talk and 2) not been able to.

Daya adores Meow-Meow.  She wanted to take him home. He even got to be Cat of the Day.  (The Cat of the Day is Meow-Meow, Hey!)  Although he is neither feral nor a stray, if someone wants him they could probably have him.

I do not want Meow-Meow. NO.


  1. That look on his face. Ha.. He thought you were getting in his space. Meow meow...

  2. Love the video! He was in very good voice this morning (now that you're home LOL)!

  3. He is a handsome fella - I love talkative cats!


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