topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Clever Discovery

I have a lot of pan pastels.  Actually, I have all of them.  Every single one. I started with a few then got some more, and some more after that, and then I COMPULSIVELY NEEDED all of them.

I am neither a color whore nor an art supply addict.

They are very pretty, right?

It took me years to get them all.  Years.

Anyhow, pan pastels come stacked in stackable screw-together plastic cases.  And I have sets which came with some of the Sofft Tools, also in the cases.  And the open stock pans come with extra casing. This makes travel with the pans very easy, but I have a lot of extra lids and plastic cases because I store them in the flat palettes pictured above.

HOWEVER I have found a brilliant use for these plastic cases with lids.... medium cups for oils!! Also ridiculously perfect for plein air. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner.  I'm just slow sometimes.

Medium in the lids!!

Perfection.  And I can use a sharpie marker to mark which medium I have in each case or lid.


  1. I have never tried pan pastels, but they do look very pretty!
    Clever re-purposing of the excess containers!

    1. Rols you definitely, absolutely, no question NEED some panpastels.

  2. Ha! See how much you reeeeally needed those pastels!!

  3. Don't you love those eureka moments. Great idea.


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