topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The Fire Drill Rescue Mission

Daya left her lunch at home and texted me asking if I could bring it to her.
She is at school until 6:30pm today so that's a problem.
It's probably better that she doesn't pass out from starvation in pointe class.

Her lunch bag was deeply buried on her bed which is likely why she forgot it.
I couldn't find it the first time I looked.
I also added an extra protein bar to whatever she packed.  She'll be hungry.

As I was walking to the train she texted me to say there is a fire drill second period, let's try to meet outside.  And it actually worked out time-wise.  She said meet her by the main entrance.
So I went there and waited.
And waited.
It was cold.
Kids started coming out s l o w l y.

I did not want to wait while the whole school emptied out at that pace.
Especially since I know she was coming down from the 8th floor which might put her last.
Did not see Daya.

Then she texted saying they went out the other entrance.
So I walked down the block which put me behind the fire drill.

I ended up in the fire drill, stretched all the way down the block, trapped in a bunch of LaGuardians.
Finally found Daya.
Told her that if there is ever an evacuation emergency in that school, no one's getting out.
She fully agreed.

By the time I found her it was time for everyone to go back inside, so I finished the fire drill with her.
Daya showed me to her friends.

That is how I ended up participating in a high school fire drill instead of being at work like I should have been, and why my rescue mission took almost an hour instead of 15 minutes.

Daya is very lucky I am close by to rescue her; I had to do it last Friday as well because of her backpack.

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  1. I always hated fire drills when I was in school, unless it was spring time. :)
    My children were unlucky because if they forgot something too bad. I worked 30 miles away. They got good at not forgetting things.


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