topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

How I Killed My Smoke Alarm

It all started with the pumpkin pie I made on Saturday.

I put the pie on a baking sheet and transferred it to the oven. A little bit of pumpkin custard sloshed out. It set off the smoke alarm even though there wasn't any smoke.

In the midst of awful screechy ear-pain I dislodged the alarm from the wall and put it on the window ledge in the shower for some fresh air. I then promptly forgot about it.

Saturday and Sunday were all about hot sudsy baths, but last night I took a shower.

About 15 minutes into my shower (yes I take long showers) I heard the most pitiful wailing. Did you know that when smoke detectors get wet they cry? And sound absolutely pathetic?

It wouldn't stop crying until I took the battery out.

Now, I don't know if it is all dead or mostly dead.

Also, if it reincarnates, will it still be able to screech or will it just cry pathetically?

Do smoke detectors hold grudges?

Do they like pumpkin pie?


  1. funny! If your smoke alarm got wet inside, I think it is probably dead now. Mind you, you can always test run it...bake another pumpkin pie, perhaps? :)

  2. LOL. My DB dropped the kitchen phone into the dog's water dish and the phone started ringing and ringing in protest. He had to unplug the phone. It doesn't like water any better than your smoke alarm. Like you we hope the phone forgives him for his ineptitude when it dries out.

  3. you know that NOTHING will kill mine! not even taking out the batteries!!! one night i had to put in in a drawer covered by pillows so we could sleep, until i could get out to buy it new batteries in the morning!!! i thought i might hang myself that night!!!

  4. LOL this is hysterical, 'the smoke alarm and the pumpkin pie', no one owuld believe me if i said that is what i had just read!

  5. I kill my smoke alarm at least once every two months. It gets a little too rowdy sometimes. haha.


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