topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Mad Mascot

Carey said our theme is mascot.  This is good timing because I actually have a mascot.
It is a lobster.
A plush lobster, to be exact.

It lives at work. The Lobster (I forgot his name) lived on a former co-worker's desk for years.  The co-worker left and someone else in the office adopted the Lobster as the team mascot.

I thought the lobster was not being properly cared for so I stole him.
He now lives on the window sill at my desk.
He is much happier.

Here is a painting, a NOT FINISHED painting.....sigh.... I need another evening with it.
Acrylic on illustration board 9x12
He will look cool when he is finished.


  1. Great! The sky is wonderful!

  2. Aww!! Cute!! I love how he's pushing his way out of the picture, lol.

  3. He already looks friendly.
    I have a mascot too. Bruce the Moose, is a hand puppet. I love hand puppets for some reason. Bruce has been on several trips with me. I adopted him in AK. He is a handsome boy.


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