topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, March 24, 2016

I Am Blue

I am blue.

Pthalo blue.*

My arm has been pthalo blue since Sunday night and it won't come off.

Selfie with Pthalo Blue

I would like to assure you that I am a very hygienic person.  Meaning I do, in fact, bathe mostly every day.

But I am still blue, and will probably remain blue for several more days.

*Pthalo blue is notorious for being extremely powerful.  If you paint, you'll want to be very careful with it as it will quickly overpower all your colors in mixing.

My friend Sid Bledsoe says this:

"I think everyone would like to turn down the volume of phthalos, including users who adore them such as myself. In fact, this is exactly what the makers attempt to do when making this crazed maniac of a pigment.

It is an unusual pigment in that it is so strong as manufactured that it is actually improved by the addition of 50 and 75% Alumina Hydrate or Blanc Fixe, uh, that right there is a whole lot of filler. 

Normally this would constitute unacceptable cheap "student grade" adulteration in other normal pigments, but in this case, the extenders improve the workability of the pigment, eliminates a tendency to 'bronzing', and reduces the tendency of the color to overpower all mixtures it is a part of. This admixture of inert filler will be already in the pigment at time of purchase. Then as suggested here and by others, dilute it out with lots of white, or add to mixes by the gnats' eyelash quantity, and with extreme caution."


  1. Haha, well I hope it wears off soon... :-)

  2. Blue is very powerful indeed. I am going through my blue stage. We just purchased a blue sofa, I have been wearing lots of blues. I painted my potting bench a blue color yesterday. Blue is on my mind. I hope your blue wears off soon. I will have to look in my watercolors and get phtalo blue out and use it. Blue blue blue. I like blue.

  3. yer blue but not too blue!

  4. I got prussian all over by hands one time too.


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