topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Two Dilemmas (PRT)

I have two (2) oil pastel dilemmas.

Dilemma 1: I have two new-ish sets of nice Senns and a large set of really old student-grade Holbeins. The Senns are *so pretty* in their boxes.  See?

24 Assorted and Iridescents

I also have some open stock Senns.

Pretty Open Stock

As pretty as they look in their boxes, maybe they need their own box where they can live all together. Carey said it is a matter of finding the right box.  She has a really nice box and was able to de-box her Senns, so there's something in that advice worth taking.

They probably should all live together- my larger set of old Holbeins and the is such a big leap to de-box them though. Sennelier does some really nice packaging.

I guess I will start looking for a good box.

Dilemma 2: I got a 40% coupon for Blick and that might mean more Senns.
Do I want the landscape set or the portrait set?


  1. My vote is for more Landscape. I say that mainly because that I what you post the most so this makes me think you do more landscape painting ergo more landscape Senns. A nice box to keep them all in sounds nice. Do they make such things? Do you have one made?

    1. I will think on that! :) tho I do love portrait work...just have been doing more plein air landscape lately.
      The box can be any storage box. I want something small to travel easily, that can also hold a few color shapers and maybe have a few different dividers to group by color family.

  2. Portrait! But that is just me..they have marvelous portrait colors and I would not use the landscape colors nearly as much myself.

  3. You have some fabulous oil pastels! I keep mine in their original boxes this way I know what colors are where. I would buy the landscape colors! What did you buy BTW?


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