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topiary cats

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Loving-Kindness Meditation

Here is a little more to add to my Right Association post from the other day.

Removing toxic people from your life is one of the most empowering and healthy things we can do. But that doesn't mean we should project negativity towards them forever.  Of course we have to go through our healing process.

There needs to be space and time for anger, resentment, bitterness, all those things.  It is normal and natural.  But those feelings aren't meant to be permanent, in the same way that pus must be drained out of a wound.  They have to move through so they can be released.

In his book A Path with Heart (which is excellent),  Jack Cornfield talks about loving-kindness meditation.

This is a wonderful and simple meditation which is extremely powerful.

First you practice doing it only for yourself for a while (could even be months).
Then you do it for someone you love for a while.

As you progress, start doing it for people you feel neutral towards and, finally, do it for people you absolutely cannot stand.  Or the people who have caused you the most pain.

This is the meditation:

May ___ be filled with loving-kindness
May ___ be well
May ___ be peaceful and at ease
May ___ be happy

Just fill in the blank with "I" or a person's name.  This is good for situations, too.
Sit quietly and repeat it, either aloud or in your mind like a mantra.  It transmutes negativity and will raise your frequency, especially if done over time.

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