topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

My Pet Central Park Raccoon

I went up to the reservoir yesterday to paint some clouds.
They would not stay still, not at all so I had to settle on a composition and just kind of fudge it.  The sky went from all grey overcast to clear.

8x10 pastel on black richeson sanded paper

There is a running track around the reservoir where the Manhattan after-work crowd goes to run, jog, walk, whatever.  I have a spot up there which is on the running track but tucked away next to the gatehouse building at the top, so I am not in anyone's way.

People were overwhelmingly friendly- many people either stopped to say hi and say something nice about the painting, or they yelled out something nice as they ran by.  Even when my painting went through a *really* ugly stage.

I was so involved in my painting I didn't notice the raccoon who kept coming over to sit by my feet- on the running track.  Four people stopped to tell me he was there, which scared him off.  I finally saw him when he came back again, and he was big and fluffy and cute.

Here he is, running away- I couldn't get any other pictures of him.

Everyone was out yesterday.  The raccoon, dogs, and horses.




Sky pics


I thought the raccoon thing was cool because I started reading a book on St Francis yesterday, and this arrived in the mail:


  1. Well,how cool is this. A beautiful painting and a medal for your efforts. Your furry friend is unusual. I wonder if people feed it. Beautiful dogs and horses too. I wonder who cleans up after the horses?? hmmm

  2. P.S. It is fun to see your set up and the pictures of the area.

  3. Lovely! What a sweet raccoon! I didn't realise you would have them that close to the city. I love your St. Francis of Assisi medallion. Enjoy the book.


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