topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Dear God

Dear God,
Well, here we go again. I have an unresolved situation that is not in my hands to resolve. It is weighing me down.  It makes me sad.  So, I have to give it to you, no matter the outcome, whether it means yet another loss or not.  What will be will be, and I have to trust that no matter how baffling and awful it is, it will work out for my highest good, and the highest good for all involved, because your hand is involved.

So, I officially am letting go and putting this situation in your care.  The one thing I will not do is strike back with intent to hurt, no matter what. Please help me maintain a gentle spirit and embody compassion for all living things, including myself.

Please help me to remember those times where I really had no one and nothing, no matter where I looked, and remember that I came through it and everything will be ok.


7 of Swords (reversed)

Swords are mental challenges, and all things mental. Thoughts, intentions, etc. Reversed, this could mean "cleaning up your act", changing old thoughts and patterns.  Crime does not pay, Taking that first step that you know you need, with the right timing. Acting on good advice. Self-sabotage- realize and stop it.


  1. Whatever the problem you're having is, I hope it sorts itself out soon and that you can have peace of mind again.

  2. Big hugs. Remember I am always here if you want to talk.


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