topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I haven't written much lately but I sure have been thinking a lot.

My current personal challenge is dealng with irritation, mainly my elephant neighbors. I think what annoys me most, other than the noise, is their attitude about it.

They said the landlord threatened eviction, and I think that's not right either. So now I don't know what to do to get them to stop stomping.

Also, I cut my hair and the hardresser got scissor-happy and cut off literally twice as much as I asked her to. She lopped off 8 inches instead of four. So I miss my hair and am still in shock but it doesn't look bad. I'll have it back by summer. She did a very nice job with my highlights though.

So the irritation's something I really struggle with. And the city makes it worse. I crave silence like a drug. I crave open space. Nature wthout the street a few feet away. The smell of grass. Dew. Looking at the horizon as it fades into the distance with no buildings in sight.

Being irritated makes me feel distant from the bliss of god. I haven't been specifically meditating lately except in my normal thoughts. I believe the reason for this is becasue I was on spiritual overload with so much comng at me in such a short time and I'm just taking a needed break. Or I'm lazy and feel mildly depressed. Or its everything.

And the thumping of the neighbors disturbs my meditation. They are awake very early 4, 5am...I feel a loss of quiet morning solitude. It's affecting me. I feel like I've lost somethng important.

Oh, but I passed my test from the other week!!!

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