topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, August 02, 2017


There was a HUGE GINORMOUS WASP in my bathroom.
I have never had a wasp in here before.

I tried a few things but ended having to run out and get spray and then I flushed it and that was scary too because it fell in the bathtub and I had to get it out..

Rob stayed on the phone with me.

It was horrible and awful and scary and I'm exhausted and I think I breathed in wasp spray and I'm a bit traumatized.

I didn't know wasps were that HUGE and I didn't know they wanted to come into my bathroom.


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  1. ha... you are a city girl. Wasps can seem scary. They are beneficial bugs. They take care of many undesirable bugs. I wouldn't want one in my house though. I am glad you survived.


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