topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


There is a painter named Ryan O'Rourke who does 10 minute acrylic painting demos on youtube. And they are pretty good!  He knows his theory, he knows what he is doing, and his 10 minute paintings are pretty cool!

Doing timed paintings isn't a new concept.
A lot of people have done this as a way to practice and get the mind shifted into a different gear. Some people limit the number of brush strokes instead of time- for example, doing a painting in only 120 brush strokes.

Because I have a terrible obsession with oil paint and pastels, it stands to reason I am also fully stocked in acrylics which is good because when I need them I'm ready to go. Last night I brought out my acrylics and did a little 10 minute painting which took 14 minutes and 45 seconds.

It is such a small time investment, and truly a mental flip. While it will never replace longer studio paintings it really is fantastic artistic exercise. I guess these could also be done in pastel, and probably oil because nothing is impossible, but the acrylic drying time is a huge advantage with layering.

With this painting, I chose a color scheme ahead of time which was fun but also maybe not the best decision because I made the composition up as I went along.
It would have been better to know my composition beforehand.

This painting is not a good painting but I don't care. It was good practice and good to try something new. My coordination isn't there yet but with some practice it will be.

5x7 acrylic

Today is the summer solstice.
I'm going this afternoon to light soome candles.


  1. This isn't so bad. I like the bright sky. Green skies usually mean storms are brewing here. I need an exercise like this. I haven't painted much since gardening season began. It is so hot now I hate to get out. I could do a painting. A short and sweet one like this.

  2. Thanks Jessica, your post was a good thing to read right now. I'm going to unearth my pastels from my neglected art space and attempt some small, 10 minute works. I haven't been excited about creating for a long time, but today your efforts have struck a chord with me. Since I usually overwork things to death, this will be an interesting challenge...

  3. Sounds like a terrific exercise, and I think it turned out rather well, especially for 14 minutes - wow!


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