topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Tuesday to Tuesday

I know my blog got neglected for over a week. That's longer than usual...just haven't been able to muster up the effort.

Tuesday: Drusilla came to the city and I took a day off.  It rained all day so we drank sake and went to the museum of natural history to see the mummy exhibit, which was very good.  There was absolutely no photography allowed so of course I got some good pictures.  Only got yelled at once.

Weds-Thursday: It's that time of year for dance placement auditions for next year.  Daya is eligible to apply for a solo/duet/trio. I refuse to pay for it because 1) I can't and 2) I'm actually not willing to put extra money on top of the already significant monthly dance allotment.  Especially since Daya has now started tutoring in the neighborhood...she's really good, too, and cheaper than the college kids.  She has her first client and has already worked 5 hours. So if she does extra she has to pay for it.

Friday: Rob has a favorite restaurant in Williamsburg.  We go there a lot, which I like because they have all my favorite stuff.  It is an Asian-themed place, really beautiful inside- sushi, Thai, rice, noodles, Rob's favorite orange chicken....and we found out they shut down as of this past Sunday.  So last Friday was our last night at Hachi.  Sad.

Saturday: Daya had a HORRIBLE day. A Thunderstorm woke her up at 5:30am.  She hurt herself (she's ok) in her acro class. She had her team placement audition which she said she messed up badly. She forgot her keys and locked herself out....and I wasn't home because I was in Manhattan for a co-worker's choral concert.  So I told Daya how to climb the fire escape...she got yelled at once but finally made it and now we have both used our Break-In cards and that has to be the one and only time for both of us.

Sunday: Rob wants to get a cat and we went to see one on the Upper West Side.
We were on 92nd street. I had my cat carrier which was a cat-hair bomb (from Pebbles) and I was cleaning it out on the street...a ridiculous lady yelled at me because I was removing cat hair from the carrier "where families and children walk."  There was NO ONE on the sidewalk.  Rob really ripped into her and it was pretty hilarious. So 92nd street is a block where multi-millionaires live. Amazing old architecture, loads and loads of money.  And one building that is the projects, which is of course where the cat was. Such an intense contrast. So we went to the ASPCA (still on 92nd!) and they had no kittens.  Rob wants a kitten and he decided Manhattan cats are too messed up so he'll probably go out to Long Island.

Monday:  I have new neighbors upstairs and they like to BLAST their horrible music. It makes me insane...I get all the drums and all the bass. Have written a letter, have complained, will probably have to keep complaining because it is HORRIBLE when they do it.  I don't want to come home from work with their party pounding through my apartment.  If they want to do that they should move to the Bronx.  I get so messed up from stuff  like this....I don't want that nonsense in my home and there is no way to block it out.  It is distressing and awful.

Tuesday: Jackie and I went to dinner and had a nice time. Rob locked himself out of his apartment due to leaving his keys in Brooklyn at his job. His friend helped him get in.

I have pictures for this post but I'll post them later, maybe.

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  1. You are such a busy lady.
    Go Daya...
    I hope the rest of the week is best for you all. Peace.


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