topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, May 07, 2017

T-shirt Womb

When Daya performed at Barclays Center they gave out t-shirts. 
One size: HUGE!

She wears hers and probably mine too (i dont know which is mine; neither i suppose) around the apartment and also as sleepwear. 

Tonight she discovered she can fit her entire self inside the t-shirt. 
She called it a womb. 

I might have to see if I can also fit inside the t-shirt.
Maybe I am not quite as flexi-bendy but we are both basically the same height so it might work.

Yes Daya still has fleece snowflake sheets on her bed because she loves them that much. For the record Jackie loves her fleece sheets so much she also uses them year-round. 


  1. Jackie M.10:03 PM

    Yes. I use my fleece sheets year round. I can no longer sleep in regular sheets. And the kicker? Jessica got me into the fleece sheets in the first place! Love you Jessica!!!

  2. Now that is a big tshirt. Fleece is soft and comfy.


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