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topiary cats

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Remove the Blockades!

It happened right in front of my office, and we were on emergency lockdown.
It was a horrible thing for sure but now, Tuesday, the New Years blockades are still up and there is a group of armed police with huge guns standing outside.

Take the New Years Blockades Down!

What happened was awful but there is absolutely no need for this nonsense.
It was such a freak thing- a guy bent on a suicide mission taking people with him. An American from the Bronx who wanted the cops to shoot him.

Times Square is a really safe place..... what that Bronx guy did could not be predicted nor prevented and these blockades just promote some kind of police-state fear mentality.

Security here has always been amazing.
Freak things can happen. ANYWHERE.
Driving on the highway is a very dangerous thing to do--- far more so than walking around in Times Square.

Besides, the blockades are only on one block...someone could drive up 8th ave and do the same thing.  You can't blockade the whole city nor is there any reason to.

This stuff happens all over the country--- hell, all over the world.....and I dislike anything that promotes irrational fear and underlying panic. And traffic jams.

Times Square is no less safe because of one person's stupid suicide attempt.


  1. Saw all of this on tv. I didn't know it was right in front of your work building. I would imagine it is a bit unnerving to have people with guns standing around.

  2. We saw it on our news too. I totally agree with you about media promoting fear and panic. Incidents like that just can't be predicted ahead of time.


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