topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, May 11, 2017

FLIP: Spike

Once every several years or so I get a short-lived but intense urge to use watercolor.

I always start out well enough, nice and light and transparent- and then I muck the whole thing up.  This got mucked up mostly because I changed my mind about the colors, and you can't really do that with watercolor without having to start over.

But then Carey moved and we took a Flip break and during that time my watercolor urge passed. I didn't worry too much about the mucky state of the painting because that's why I have clear gesso, which is lovely and toothy under pastels.

5x7 watercolor and pastel (mungyo semi-hards)
on watercolor paper (strathmore for the paper geeks)


  1. I love watercolors as you might remember. I am having a dry spell right now. All my creative energy is going to the garden. That is where I Flip. Watercolor/Garden. I too often muck up my watercolors. I have a heavy hand.

  2. Oooh I love to see both!!

    I'm still a little behind. *sigh* But I feel things are catching up and I'm finally about to post mine. Woohoo!

    Lisa, that's important creativity, too. :D

  3. I went from acrylics to watercolours and I love them. I'm still very much a novice though as there is tons of techniques I don't know. You are a master with those pastels! To be honest, I didn't mind your watercolour version either. :)


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