topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

FLIP: Shoes

Poor Daya has been pining for pointe shoes- badly.  She still has to wait a little while, we are waiting on teacher approval, but I gave her this painting for her room, so she has her own pair of pointe shoes like only her mom can make.  :)

9x12 pastel (mostly Unisons) on pastelmat (it was grey)
About 2 1/2 hours

What a surprise this morning, my pastel plein air painting from a couple of weeks ago was featured iin a Sennelier article!! Wow!!  Thank you Sennelier!
(they also called me young so I love them)

I'm telling you, my pet Central Park raccoon was good luck!


  1. This is sweet. I hope Daya wasn't too disappointed that she can't wear them.
    Congrats on the featured painting.

  2. That is so great that you had a painting featured... I hope you can get some new pointe shoes for Daya in the near future, I understand not having the money though... (I wish Valentina understood that)

    I am sorry I have been away for so long, I was in a negative place with all the physical pain I was dealing with... thankfully I am finally starting to feel like myself... I really missed writing and blogging, it feels good to be back xox

    Have a great week xox

    1. Hi Launna!! Welsome back! Ii missed you!! We are waiting on teacher approval for the shoes...we should know by end of next week.

  3. Beautiful pastel work! Congratulations on the feature of your painting in the article! :)

  4. Hi Jessica, hope you are keeping well... :)


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