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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Hitting Home

On Sunday afternoon a 13 year old girl was struck by the train because she went into the tracks to get her damn cellphone.

It happened in my neighborhood at my station.
She didn't go to Daya's school but some of Daya's friends do go to the same school and knew her.

The train couldn't slow down. People on the platform literally tried to move the train off her. She was still alive but she died in the hospital. It is shocking and traumatic and I'm glad I wasn't there because as it is I can't go in the train station right now without feeling messed up.

Some things in no particular order:

1. Daya has assured me many times she would never do something like that.
I have been telling her since she was little never go down there.  She used to think it wasn't that deep down, I always talked to her about that.
2. That girl's parents are going to be messed up for a long time....
this is a horrific thing. I can't help thinking those thoughts they are thinking.  The ones you don't want to think about but they haunt you. As a parent this is just too horrific and shocking. You don't think your kid is going to do that. Especially growing up here, you think they know better.  Especially because you told them, probably many times. It is not a good way to die.
3. This same thing happened a few years ago- the girl was in the tracks getting her phone and the train started coming into the station- people on the platform were trying to help her up but she was too heavy and the train hit her. Ever since, there have been massive continual public awareness messages to NOT GO IN THE TRACKS for any reason.

The MTA said it has five teams of employees 
who do nothing but retrieve items dropped down onto the tracks 
with a pole-mounted device. 
But even they try not to go down onto the tracks.

I hope we start seeing more posters in the stations and trains specifically aimed at young people to prevent this.  They are there, but perhaps need to be targeted to a young audience.

4. One article states: 

But before hearing the tragic story, some people said they would take the risk.
“I might go for it,” one woman told the station. “I would have to go for it. My phone is like my best friend.”

This is devastating, how can people think like this?
Phones are things. Not friends. They are replaceable.  They have no substance. They do not matter. People matter.

I hope this is a reminder to parents to keep telling your kids that they matter more than a damn phone and DO NOT GO IN THE TRACKS EVER!


  1. What a tragedy. Phones are definitely not worth a life. So Sad.

  2. That is so tragic! A life lost and it didn't need to happen. The poor girl probably acted on impulse to go and fetch her mobile phone but it was definitely NOT worth the risk. So very, very sad.:'(

  3. So incredibly sad. And for a damned phone...


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