topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, April 24, 2017

A Bunch of Cool Tree Pictures

On Saturday the weather forecast was overcast, partially sunny and it rained all day.  But before the rain started in earnest, Rob and I went hiking on Long Island.

I loved the trees...they were twisty and cool-looking.

This log looks like an animal skull.

More cool stumps.

We found three trees that were all carved up.
Rob read the inscriptions which unfortunately released all the evil spirits, so we had to go find the Good Spirit Tree to vanquish them.

The Good Spirit Tree:

Jessica and Robertson Share Creativity

More Cool Trees.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Spring Things

Today is Friday and it is raining.  Again.
Spring is a bit of a tough time for me every year...I don't really know why, it's just how my cycles go I guess. Everything feels heavy and blah, kind of opposite of how it is supposed to feel.

Sometimes life catches up with me and I feel my circumstance of carrying everything alone to be crushing and overwhelming.  Rob asks what's wrong and I tell him, but it isn't something he can relate to.  He is present which is a wonderful thing, but there isn't really anything he can do. He has never had to worry about taking care of anyone other than himself, not even a pet.  There's nothing wrong with that, but it is a different mentality. I value his presence but it doesn't relieve the crushing weight.

I have new neighbors upstairs and on Fridays and weekends they like to BLAST their music so I get all the drums and all the bass.

I can't take it.  The super has talked to them (didn't help) and I wrote to the landlord.  Haven't heard anything back yet so I'm still wound up dreading the next wave of pounding bass.  My building is not the kind of building where people do this.  It is well-managed, a good building- and I really want it to stay that way.  Quality of life and preservation of the environment for everyone. When you live in a good building, you have to be a good tenant to keep the building good.  It's not the Bronx. And I'm paying a lot of rent.

I'm nuts about having a peaceful home environment.  I require sanctuary.
Obviously there is a normal amount of noise around to be expected and that's ok but I don't like my space to be infringed upon, nor would I do that to someone else.

Anyhow it stresses me. I can't seem to unwind from it.
I hate noise.

I can't find my Holbein palette knife and I strongly suspect- no, I KNOW- it is cat-related. Yesterday I looked for a long time in all the places it should have been, and some places it shouldn't.  Nothing.  My palette knife is my painting BFF and I miss it terribly.  I have a backup but it's not the same.

My friend Nancy had heart surgery on April 12th and no one has heard from her.
Neither of her phones are working, no response to email, her husband doesn't pick up. I called the gallery where she shows yesterday and they haven't heard anything but hopefully someone in OK will be able to find out more. In the meantime I tracked down her daughter and niece on Facebook and messaged them, but no response. Nance is elderly and physically very frail so I am worried.

All the trains are broken this morning exceot the 7 and the IRT lines, and it is probably only a matter of time until the 7 breaks.
I left home on time and got to work...there were problems during my commute but I got in before they got even worse.

Notify NYC 

Notification issued 4/21/17 at 9:17 AM. UPDATE: Due to a power outage, there are service changes and delays on the A,B,C,D,E,F, J,N, Q and R trains. The B train remains suspended between Brighton Beach and Beford Park Boulevard in both directions. The M train remains suspended between Chambers Street and Forest Hills in both directions.

Consider alternate routes and allow for additional travel time. For more information, please visit

Consider alternate routes?
MTA, all the routes are broken! The regular AND alternate ones!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

This morning Daya, my coworker, and I went on a work field trip to the new cookie dough place in the Village.

There is always a line and we waited.
But it was worth it.

Cookie dough for breakfast is a fine idea.

And then I guess you can go to the pilates place around the corner!

Daya is back to school from spring break tomorrow FINALLY!

Monday, April 17, 2017


Daya got a visit from the Easter bunny.
She was most excited about her new sandals.

Holographic Grass

I love Easter- it is a nice holiday with good chocolate.

The cats also had a nice day.

We went to see Jackie in the afternoon and Rob joined.
Jackie always hosts such nice holidays- we had an egg hunt for the kids (money eggs) and Daya found the golden (actually it was green) prize money egg.

All in all she made out exceptionally well and she now has more money than me.
Which is not hard to do.

Rob looked good and knew he is doing his supermodel pose.
My supermodel pose is not very good.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Flip: More Cowbell

There is a member of my household who would insist on more cowbell in everything and that member is Pebbles.

So here she is, and yes she is judging you to irrational standards.

Watercolor and inktense. ACEO

You have to see Carey's... it is hilarious.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tourist Crime Magnets

Yesterday I got on the train after work to go home.
At Times Sq, three 20-something tourists got on- one guy and two girls.

They sat on the bench next to me.
Perhaps they were all excited about being in NYC on Spring Break (which is right now)- they were very hyper and a bit obnoxious, which is ok.
The guy stood up, left the bench, and walked over to the pole near the end of the car.  One of the girls joined him- the one who was sitting farthest away and next to me.

She wanted to swing on the pole and dance and sing with the guy.
She did not want to hold her purse while she did this.
Did she give it to her friend who remained sitting? Nope.
She left it on the bench right next to me, walked away, and proceeded to think she was entertaining the whole train.


She did not notice at all when I picked up her bag.
If it was someone else, they would have been off the train in 2 seconds flat at 49th street.

I held her bag for a minute and stared at her.
Then I stood up and walked over to her, interrupted her dancing, handed her bag and told her "Do not leave your bag!"

Her response? "I was watching it."

Freaking tourist crime magnet.
She is very obviously a tourist = target = not paying attention = target and leaving her stuff lying around = PLEASE STEAL MY PURSE.

My warning had absolutely no effect on her.

Rob said he recently saw the same thing in Starbucks...some girl from Texas left her purse, laptop, and phone on the table while she went to the restroom. He said something to her and she had the same reaction Subway Tourist had.

WTF. Isn't this the most basic of basic safety???

Thank goodness Daya knows better.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Dance Stuff

Here are a few pictures from competition. :)

Barclay's basketball performance Saturday.