topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, March 06, 2017


I had a full Waterworks Upgrade over the weekend!
On Friday (I worked from home) the super came in and changed my kitchen faucet, and I got a really nice new one which is 1) not on backwards and 2) actually shuts off.

On Saturday Rob came over and put in my new sink and my new door.

It isn't straightforward... wow, he did a lot of work!  He got me a nice new faucet, too.

Rob brought all his Cool Stuff. And he used it.

Faucet assembly!

Hacksaw for pipe-cutting!

Old yucky messed-up door!



  1. Oh my goodness. A lot of nice things happening in your place. How wonderful. I am glad you cat approves. I do too. Meow.

  2. Oh that looks really nice Jessica... Rob did such a great job. Yay for new things xox ♡

  3. Rob is a superstar!! Looks fantastic!! So happy for you!


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