topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, March 20, 2017

Updates & Sundries

Competition Update:
Rysa (studio owner) has been reaching out to people on my behalf (which is amazing of her to do, I know she is extremely busy) and I think we might have help. I called and left a message so we still need to coordinate.

I was with Rob yesterday, stressing pretty badly, and he said he would help me. This was before Rysa contacted me. It is amazing of him, it really is- but it is also a last resort.  Rob has a lot of work this week- starting today he is working six days straight including Saturday. And he is back working next Monday.  He does renovation work, so it is very physical. After a week like that it is a lot for him to finally be off work only to have to do tons more driving plus an overnight, especially for his only evening and day off in the middle of a 12 day stretch.  But he was willing anyhow.

BRANWEN the Beneficent who lives in Boston six hours away sent me a text offering help, which is way too much driving but that's just how amazing she is.

Help from another studio mom is better because they are already there, plus I want to network with other moms which is more difficult than it might seem.

I have found that peoples' lives are already full- full of schedules, full of people- and it is difficult finding someone who has room for another friend, especially another mom-friend.  At my age people are already established in their friends and family.

On Saturday evening Daya and I walked over to the mall so she could go to the Apple store and get new headphones, which she paid for.  Afterwards, neither of us felt like leaving so we walked around for a bit and went "just-looking".

At the MAC store Daya played with the funky colored lipsticks and made a face.

On Sunday morning I accidentally woke Isis up from a nap in the sink.
She loves that sink.


  1. I hope it works out for you. Nice of the studio to help out. You obviously have people that love you. Hang in there. Isis is so sweet. Funny how she has a great liking for the sink.

  2. That cat is adorable... she made me smile xox

    I really hope the drive pans out... I know what you mean about making friends as we get older, I am super friendly and it is hard.. I am pretty grateful I made a new friend who has been there for me in lots of ways.

    I have lots of friends all over the world that I can reach out too and I think that I am lucky to have that... sometime it feels good to have someone close by when you need a girls night of chatting xox

  3. Love your cat in the sink! I hope everything works out with your drive. I agree, it's so hard to make friends at this age.

  4. I am hoping you can get some help for the weekend. I knew about Branwen's ideas. Lots of luck.


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