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topiary cats

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday Things

I went to yoga last night.
On the way to yoga I was listening to Wayne Dyer (again/still).
I was early to class, which I like because it gives me time to get a nice spot in the room and meditate.

Normally I do not bring my phone to class because I don't want or need it there, but I decided to continue listening to Wayne while chilling on my yoga mat in such a nice peaceful environment.

When class started of course I turned my phone off and double-checked because I like to be very careful about that kind of thing.

So the teacher came in (oh, she is so wonderful! She sings during the meditation part of the class and that alone is worth going for!) and she was talking for a few minutes etc etc.  All was quiet. We settled in for opening chants and I heard something odd.

It was Wayne Dyer talking through my headphones!
Now, even though I don't think anyone really heard it except maybe the person next to me, I was so embarrassed- I never want to be that person with the obnoxious phone but it was rather funny at the same time, especially because Wayne Dyer was a long-time yoga practitioner.

So he came to chant with us.

I told this story to the teacher later on in the changing room and she thought it was fantastic that Wayne Dyer had joined us for chanting.

Daya had an excellent evening in dance...she said all her teachers and some other students were complimenting her. 

After ballet one of the moms told her how good she is, and that she could do ballet professionally, she is that good.

Which I agree with...Daya really is that good and it is because she works incredibly hard all the time.  I'm ridiculously proud of her. I have never known an 11 year old that works as hard as she does. I certainly didn't when I was that age!

She was so excited on the way home, she texted me the whole thing because it couldn't wait til she saw me.

It is so incredible when your child shares their happiness with you and that happiness is a result of not only your support but what they have done- their cumulative hard work over YEARS- and they see and feel the results.  It is good when others see recognize it too, but that is secondary.  

There is something about a cumulative process of hard work and dedication which cannot be gotten from any other source- I am so deeply glad Daya knows this at such a young age, and I hope it shapes her life in a positive way.

AND because it is my blog and i can brag on my kid if I want to--- she has straight As in honors and a 100 average in math!!

I have to figure out my FLIP project pretty soon...and it's a good one this week!
Kind of a long involved one, and I need to start because I don't have any weekend time with competition.

Speaking of competition, another mom is helping us out and everything is ok.
I do have to pay for a hotel though, ugh... but I just have to do it and make the best of the weekend.
Which is easier now that I have help and I am feeling better.

Rob has been working crazy long days all week and he's not done.
We haven't really spoken much all week and that's ok, but it also means he's completely wiped out.  Poor Rob.

I called this post Thursday Things but everything I wrote about happened yesterday!


  1. I am as proud of Daya as you are!!!
    SO glad to hear the weekend will work out, even if you have to pay for a hotel. Will be sending Daya all my good luck wishes!

  2. I am happy for both of you that all is working out. I haven't met Daya but I am one of her biggest fans. Try to enjoy your weekend. It will be fun.

  3. Daya is amazing and I think you have the right to brag... she is doing wonderfully xox

    Yay to it working out that you are getting drive there and back... hopefully the hotel doesn't cost too much.

    I hope Rob and you get to spend a little time together soon, work needs to settle down a little xox


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