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topiary cats

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Conferences and Competition

This past Thursday was parent teacher conferences.
Of course Daya has straight As in honors classes, and a 100 average in math!

The kids run the appointments outside the classrooms- keeping the lists and keeping time for the teachers. This is a really excellent way to run the conferences.

While we were waiting, Daya helped run the tables.

Dance competition is next weekend and it is a burden.
It is a burden because of the location and the schedule, which the competition people control, not the studio.

Anyhow it is in stupid freaking New Jersey this year. (Last year was Long Island which is much easier.)  The big problem is that Daya has a call time Saturday night and another first thing Sunday morning.

For us to bus it to NJ we are looking at a 2 hour trip, longer with traffic and construction.

I can''t drive and I don't have access to a car...Rob can't help because he is working all day Saturday and I wouldn't ask it of him anyhow.  That's a lot of time and driving.  Some people are staying in a hotel a few towns over which I didn't know about or plan for financially, but aside from the money part I have no transportation to and from the event and the hotel.

I'm super stressed out and upset.
I am not around for Daya's classes and I don't really know any of the other team moms.
The studio does not have a parent communication system in place.
I have been in contact with the studio but I have no answers or assistance.

So this leaves me in a really unpleasant situation which triggers all my nerves because stuff like this hits my physical boundaries and limitations and I find myself without help when I really need it.

Which sums up a whole lot of my experience in having a child from the very start.

I can't even grudgingly book a hotel because I don't have transportation and I refuse to put myself in a place of being stranded in NJ.  That means we have to leave NJ Sat night right after Daya is off stage, get home hopefully before midnight, and walk out the door again at 5:45am to do the whole trip again.


  1. I am so proud of Daya. Way to go girl!!!
    I hate that the dance tournament is so far away. That is always a pain in the patoot. Too bad the dance studio doesn't have a bus they can take the kids to these competitions. It doesn't seem fair to make everyone have to find their own way. Take care.

  2. First CONGRATULATIONS to Daya, she is doing so wonderful xox

    Second, I feel you... it's so stressful when things like this come up and because of money, lack of a car... not knowing people because we are working so much... I really hope something works out for you and Daya xox


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