topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, March 27, 2017

A Monday-ish Monday

I'm pretty wiped out from the weekend.
Competition was very hard on me in a lot of ways, internal and external.
Daya likes it, and she did extraordinarily well...three gold medals.
It is a very difficult thing she has done and I am proud of her.

I didn't paint but only because the weather yesterday was terrible...cold and nasty and rainy.

Anyhow I felt really out of sorts by the time we got home last night, partially due to no sleep Saturday night and partially from being travel-stressed.  Today is a little better except I was cleaning my contacts this morning and I put a lens full of detergent in my left eye this morning and it was excruciating.

I had to go to work with no lens, and I'm ok now but my eye is still quite unhappy.

That philosopher Stefan Molyneux I mentioned before... the one I had to stop listening to- well he sent out a video about something that looked interesting, and I had a listen this morning but it just turned into stuff I can't listen to anymore.

He's a smart guy and has a lot of good stuff to say but I have come to the concision that he is not balanced and a little too far extreme for me.

We need both mind and heart and he lacks heart. He talks in statistics and generalities which I don't think account for compassion, spiritual evolution, the human experience, and anything that deviates from a standard 1950s family template. He likes to use logic, history and statistics to "put women in their place" and promote traditional gender roles yet he doesn't seem to hold men as accountable.  I do think he has quite a lot of bitterness towards his mother and upbringing.

Anyhow what do I know, it's just my impressions, but I am not really all that interested in ranting about the imbalances and wrongness of society.  It is a mass-collective-tribal madness cesspool. There is no peace there. I have different things to focus on.  Society is messed up, true, it always has been- but I need to live my individual life and take care of my child as best as I can.  I need to cultivate a peaceful existence, not get caught up in collective madness.  It's just where I am.

Pendulums swing, both sides are unbalanced at the ends, that's why the pendulum keeps swinging and looking for balance. Society is the same. Awareness is good.  Change is good too, but collectives always move slowly and change throws off established balance.

The ending of suffering will never happen on a society level.
But things can get better and I think a lot of things are better now than they were even 50 years ago.  By that same token, some things are worse.
I can't get caught up in it.
So, bye Stefan.


  1. So proud of Daya, though not surprised. Please congratulate her for me. I hope you can get some quiet time to decompress. Love ya.

  2. Sounds like it was a successful day despite no sleep. When you are so tired you put detergent into your eye it is time to slow down. I hope you get rested up over the week. Congrats to Daya.

  3. My goodness, kudos to Daya, that is so exciting that she won 3 golds xox

    I hope you can get some rest, travel can do a number on us xox


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