topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Welcome to February!

We made it!

Daya got her report card and again she has straight As in honors.
She has a 100 average in Math!!
She is on the Golden Honor Roll. Again.
And that's in addition to 15 hours of dance- including assistant-teaching 2 classes.

And she is beating herself up because it isn't good enough for her......because her total average is something like a 95 and people in her class are bragging about a 97 average. And she doesn't have a 100 average in EVERYTHING.  (Her lowest is a 90.)

It's ok to want to do well and have standards, but there is a line that, once crossed, becomes unhealthy.  I have told her this but it means nothing to her. When Daya is feeling bad and I point out something positive, she says it doesn't matter.  I hope it is just the age and she levels out a bit with this pendulum thinking.

I am suuuper proud of her, though.
Ridiculously proud.
She works so hard.

I think I have finally arrived at a point where I need to paint again.
It is a relief.
I'm hoping I get a chance really depends on how Rob is feeling.  He is at the dentist this morning for that toothache and if he needs some taking-care-of, I will do that.  It is really nice to care about someone who appreciates being cared about.

I need a meditation structure for this month.
Sometimes I need that-- I need to implement a structure of daily practice to stay centered.  I have a couple of ideas for the month but I think it might just be an evening prayer I keep on my altar.  Someone gave it to me last year and told me to use it for 21 days straight- which I did- to good effect.

I had forgotten all about it until I noticed it on my altar a couple of days ago.
So I will spend some time with that this month.


  1. I am thrilled that you are coming back into your center. It makes life so much more pleasant.
    I am thrilled for Daya. She is quite the competitor. It will serve her well in life. I bet she will do great things. You are right to try to check her in her self loathing for such a great performance in school. She will eventually do alright. This is that time of life where you just want to fit in just so so. Happily she is shooting high and not low.

  2. Congratulations to Daya, that is wonderful... she is doing great xox

    I am working on taking a little more time for myself too... I started the yoga and wow, I have no clue... lol... this will take a great deal of time. (Because of my knees if I get down on the floor, I almost can't get back up... )... I hope you get some time to paint soon xox

  3. I've just started doing meditation and it really is amazing. Congratulations to your daughter! I have a son who is a perfectionist like that with his grades - I think it's just his personality.

  4. Sounds like Daya really is a star pupil! Congratulations on having such an ambitious, motivated and talented girl!


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