topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, February 09, 2017


It is snowing!
I'm working from home and schools are closed.
We will go out later if weather permits, I guess thesnow is supposed to continue all day...we are supposed to get about a foot.
The cats are curious about the snow!
Furball has left the window but Isis is camped out there, taking up the whole window sill...she'll be there for a long time.

Furball is fascinated by the snow.
The window is open and the snow is hitting my screen.  She was trying to catch the snow while looking freaked out.

She did catch a snowflake, and she ate it!


  1. Snow <3 We went skiing again today. If it were up to me it'd be winter and snowing all year around.

  2. Snow days are great! You could go out and get a bowl full of snow and bring it in for the kitties. Such fun. Lucky you... We got just a dab of snow that looked pretty coming down but there is little evidence of it today.

  3. My kitty loves watching the snow from the window too... she is an indoor kitty and I think it would freak her out if she outside in it... lol Have a great week xox


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