topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Hoping for Snow

We are supposed to get a good amount of snow- I heard 4-8 inches.
I would LOVE a good snowstorm; we are overdue for a good blizzard.

Taxes are done and I'm as confident as I can be about my job stability going forward....this is a huge relief.  A massive relief.

And so I need to keep conserving and chip away at the financial mountains of dance and braces and Life in General.  Dance is killing me a bit because tuition went up a lot last October and I don't know certain costs up-front, like competition fees- how much and when. Recital is here too, more $$.

And that stupid basketball game she is required to perform at in April that I DON'T WANT TO GO TO but I am required to purchase tickets for me AND Daya...$66.  I'm really peeved about that.


I need a dance sponsor for Daya. :(
That has to be how people do this- when their kids show real promise and they work crazy-hard in the arts.  If the family is not well-off they must have someone financially backing them.

But I think for the most part people who excel in the arts or go into that world as kids come from money. This stuff costs money- a lot- and that's unfortunately what it all boils down to. I'm drowning. I'm holding up a mountain with a toothpick.

Since Daya is a crazy over-achiever I don't know how I can say no or cut back...she's holding up her end. I can't argue with straight As in honors.  She's also excelling in all her dance classes. She is incredibly driven. I can't take something away that she really is working so hard for.

I have no pictures except for these nice pink clouds from the other day that look like cotton candy.


  1. I am glad you have your taxes done already. Wow... It is snowing here as I type. It won't stick though. Not amounts like you are about to get. It is just a spatering. Hang in there. You are doing great.

  2. Wow, taxes done already... I still haven't got my T4, last year I got a good amount of money back last year ... I am hoping for at least half of that this year, we'll see... most of it will go on the dentist anyhow xox

    We had 50+ cm's (19 plus inches, I am good here, lol) ...

    I am with you, there is always something that our children need and we as parents go without... being a single parent is so tough, I didn't move because of the dentist bill coming up... nor join the swimming pool/gym, I can't commit any money until I can figure out what if anything I can afford... it's stressful and I totally understand Jessica xox


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