topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Dentist Day!

Yesterday was Dentist Day.
Rob went in the morning...he just got a cleaning and a referral to an oral surgeon.
He goes Monday and I'm going with him.

My co-worker was on her honeymoon last week and she had a wind surfing accident and lost her front she needs a new tooth.

My other co-worker's cat has a dental issue too.

I used to go for my cleanings every six months like clockwork but I have missed a has been hanging over me....well, I got all scared yesterday because of all this dentist talk and booked a cleaning and got it done.  I will only see one hygienist, I LOVE her.  She was very happy to see me and said she had been thinking about me and hoping everything was ok.

I have perfect teeth.  Never a single cavity in my whole life. Lots of orthodontic work but otherwise my teeth are fabulous.  I'm nuts about my teeth- they make up for my eyes.  My teeth looked so fantastic in the x-rays and I made sure to mention it to everyone at the dentist office.  Everything is fine and I'm glad I got it done.

I didn't paint but-! I thought about it and I primed some paper.  This is Strathmore watercolor paper with some nice Colourfix pastel primer.  They are 5x7s.....sometimes a small painting that can be done in one sitting is better than working on a larger project. I was only going to prime one but a second sheet was stuck underneath and I got primer on it got primed too.

Blue Primed Papers!

I think Daya might be on the verge of starting her cycle....which really makes sense as to why she has been so miserable and unstable.  Of course I explained this to her but she rejects everything I say. She doesn't believe me. There is no convincing her.

She asked if cravings are normal, I said what are you craving? She said sweet stuff.  I asked, chocolate?  And she said YES.  I said, "Daya, why do you think I have a chocolate drawer?" and she gave me a hug.

She has been having some issues with her friends (a huge contributor to the misery) and she talked it out with one of them I hope she starts feeling better. I'm proud of her for doing that- it is a mature and brave thing to do.

Jackie said that right before her daughter started her cycle it was horrible...just awful...and then it got a little better.

I hope it gets better.


  1. The dreaded dentist.Ugh... You are lucky to have such good teeth. I have my Father's teeth. Not so good. I agree that all that dentist talk was a sign to take care of yourself.
    Primer...a step forward.
    Good for Daya. Things are changing fast. Hang on to your hat. :)

  2. That is so awesome that your teeth are that good Jessica, I think teeth are really important. since I had issues with mine because of the fire, I have massive gratitude for having them fixed... I always take care of my children's teeth, I know how it can make you feel xox

    As for that time of the month, Valentina started a little over a year ago, each month I can tell when she is getting close... it's a difficult thing to handle for adult women, so I totally sympathize with her... I hope it gets easier for her to bear... the same for Daya xox

  3. Oh man, if my mom was talking about my soon-to-come period online my teenage self with be SOOOOO livid, hahaha :-D I remember when I first got my period... I REFUSED to temporarily wear a pad and I yelled at my mom until she went to the store for tampons for me. I - and I quote - "wasn't gonna wear some icky vagina diaper!" Hahaha.

  4. LOL Melissa!!!!! These days girls are on youtube talking about getting their cycle!
    Which actually I think it is a good thing because they are helping their peers, which counts for a lot at this age.

  5. The dentist! I used to put off my dentist appointments as long as I can. I think it’s because the family dentist we went to when I was a child was such a mean man that he frightened me and my sisters to death every time our mom would take us! I haven’t a dentist like him since and but he made quite an impression on me!


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