topiary cats

topiary cats

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Cat Barre

Daya has converted her ballet barre into a cat toy.

Pebbles spends a disproportionate amount of time in The Box Drusilla Sent (a year and a half ago) and Furball loves the hanging catnip toy. Isis roams around looking fluffy and scratching things.

I am happy Daya has a room with nice wood floors where she can practice.
She really does have good space to practice.
All artistic pursuits require always-available dedicated space.
(SIDE NOTE: I always find it odd when people with much more living space than I have tell me they don't have room for their painting space, they wish they did make room. If it is important you make room.)

If it was up to Daya she would sleep on a gym mat in an empty room with no furniture.
(I said no to that)

This year we have removed quite a lot of her furniture and her room at this point is mostly open space.  It is very nice.  And sunny. She likes to put those huge gym mats down with the spare mattress from her top bunk.

She wanted to get rid of the top bunk but I said no. After serious consideration.
We are in a one bedroom apartment- it is an excellent apartment- but it is still a one bedroom and we really have to maximize storage space while still keeping floor space open.
So I said No to removing the top bunk.  We simply need the space and the bunk bed is very space efficient.

When I told her she doesn't have to use it as a bed- it can be mat storage- and we moved the bed across the room- and especially when she figured out she can use the spare mattress to practice back handsprings- she finally decided to like her bunk bed again.


  1. Such fun making changes. I love to switch things around. I am all for using your space for what you want and need.

  2. I could not agree with you more Jessica, when I realized that I would have a monthly dental bill and that I would not be able to afford a higher rent... I remember talking with you and you told me your bed was in the living room... I saw a was for me to do that too... I have a nice room divider now and it made it possible for me to work from home which changed my life. Thanks for giving me the idea xox

    Valentina has the master bedroom which she often says isn't big enough... lol ... the truth is that most places that we can afford would not have such a large bedroom. One day she will see that when she grows up xox

  3. I totally agree...before I had my own art room, I had dedicated space in the minimal art space at that time usually consisted of a desk and a three tier shelf with my easel at the side. It was moved to different rooms over the years but it worked well until I finally had my own art room. The house we still live in is an open plan design and it has so much wasted floor space. Our next rental will definitely be smaller as I've taken on a more minimalist approach with life in general and I'm loving it.


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