topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, January 30, 2017

Why I Like Tarot

The tarot is not a religion, it is not silly hocus-pocus, and it is not some strange kind of silly magic. It isn't something to believe in or not believe in. There is no belief involved with it at all.

It is a system, a series of focus points- that contain all the symbols and themes of human existence from a granular to a universal level.  It is very deep and layered. It does contain collective energy, and can help as a focus point for meditation and inner reflection. It is also art. It is centered around visual art.  I have been collecting decks for almost 20 years just for the art alone.

Some use it for divination, which can be helpful for answer-seeking and insight, but as far as I personally use and relate to it, it is an insightful meditation practice. I don't do tarot readings for other people.

I have said before we humans are internal and external beings.  The tarot is really about the internal landscape. It is representative of energy- themes, patterns, and dynamics either of where we have been, where we are, or where we want to be.

Like anything else, it is not something easily explained to people who have not spent any time with it or investigated it.  It is the same way I can't explain what it is like to be an artist to a non-artist. I can talk about it, but my audience won't relate unless they, too, have some kind of similar experience. If you have spent time with something and gotten to know it, telling someone else about it doesn't mean they will know or understand it. If they want, they must undertake that journey themselves.

You can pick any point in the universe and find the god-source.

Judeo-Christian traditions teach that tarot is somehow evil. And so people are afraid of it because they are taught to be afraid- but it is no more evil than, say, yoga- which also has a huge element of meditation and introspection. There is nothing harmful about it. It is outside the standard religious Tribe, and people are taught to fear anything outside the Tribe so they will stay in the Tribe.  But the Tribe has its own agenda, mostly of self-preservation.

The tarot is just one way of infinite ways to be in touch with your inner spiritual self, to zoom in and out, to connect, to learn, to grow, to find answers, clarity, and insight.

Keep on asking, and you will receive 
what you ask for. 
Keep on seeking, and you will find. 
Keep on knocking, 
and the door will be opened to you.
                                            Matthew 7:7


  1. I don't think tarot cards are evil.. I believe peoplet take things too literally sometimes when it's more of a guide to help us think a different way. I say to each his own, whatever someone believes I respect them xox ♡

  2. I have never been told they were evil. I haven't been told of them at all. I didn't know about them until my friend got a deck of tarot cards. She couldn't explain the draw it had for her either. Your explanation is fine. Very interesting. It sounds like a lot like how some people choose a word to focus on for the year. I usually pick a theme for my garden journal. I have done that the last few years anyway. This year it is Art in the Garden. Imagine that. ;)

  3. Hrrm, now I feel bad about my comment from yesterday... ;-)


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