topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tuesday List

1. It is SNOWING!! I love snow! Yay!

2. I woke up early at Daya's request to iron her hair.  She has a LOT of hair and it took 45 minutes...we were both late.  She said....on her own, out of nowhere, "I love you,"....  oh tweenagers. Waking up at oh-god-thirty to iron hair for 45 minutes is definitely an act of love.

3.  Daya sent me a text from school this morning telling me school gave her a metrocard...for reals.... again.....?? Well, ok, we'll see how it goes. I remain skeptical. I think it is the same as before because the other one expires today.

4. I'm going to see Rob after work. Daya has dance til 9 so I have a whole evening to fill. That means I won't go to yoga but that's ok. I'd rather go spend time with Rob.

5. Furball is Cat of the Day.

6.  I'm still not feeling 100% inside but I'm doing much better.  A little better every day.  I think I'm over the worst bits, and slowly feeling back to my normal self.  Who knows, maybe I'll get over to the easel this week.  I would like to finish the painting I have going.

7.  I am glad January is over.

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  1. January was a tough month... I think I need to give up news, it's so depressing. I'm glad Data was grateful. Valentina swings back and forth even in a day... I never know what I'm going to get... lol ♡ xox


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