topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Time Travel

Daya wanted to to go the Museum of Natural History on Sunday.
As we were getting ready, she said she wanted to go to see ancient Egypt because she is studying it in school. (I also studied ancient Egypt in 6th grade.)

I told her Egypt is at the Met, not Natural History.
She said, "Oh yeah! Let's go there!"
I said, "You want to go to the Met? Really?" (Daya doesn't like the Met.  She thinks it is boring.)
She said, "Yes!"

Well, I'm not going to argue!  I LOVE the Met!
So that's where we went.

Daya is into Pokemon Go, and she says Manhattan is the best place to get whatever it is they get.
I thought the Apple store at 5th ave would be a good spot, and it was. Plus it was on the way.

Looking straight up from the Apple Store elevator

We went to Egypt.

Daya with Anubis

Deciphering hieroglyphics


Daya with Sekhmet

The museum was setting up for some fancy event in the Temple of Dendur so it was roped off.

Daya had some change and she wanted to make wishes for her, me, and Rob.

Then, since Daya is into the musical Hamilton, she wanted to go to the American Wing to look for the portrait of Alexander Hamilton. She even went to the Met's site on her phone to look up the exact gallery.

One thing Daya LOVES is the glass elevator in the American Wing.
I took the BEST pic of her.  She didn't pose intentionally, it just happened she was looking at something and I wanted to take a pic from the other side of the elevator, and there is a sculpture that reflects through the glass.

More pics from the American Wing.

I love this cat in the sculpture court.

Central Park covered in snow! ...and someone's dog.

We found the Hamilton portrait.

From Colonial America Daya was Museumed Out, but I needed the growly lion pic we always take if I can mamage to get her to the Met. The lion is in Greece.

But on the way to Greece I wanted to take a detour because I like this fountain.

When we got to Greece, we stopped in the Greek Sculpture Court because it is one of my favorite places ever.

We made more wishes for her, me, and Rob in the fountain.

And then we went to go roar at the lion.


  1. I think it is so awesome that you are so close to places like the Met... it looks like Daya enjoyed it more this time... it's so cute how you have all the ages of her roaring at the lion xox

  2. I'd love the Met! Could probably spend my whole day there.

  3. Wonderful photos!! Looks like you both had a great time. Tell Daya I am totally into Hamilton too. :)

  4. It looks like a fun trip to the Met. I hope she gets extra credit for visiting the Egyptian part of the Met. She looks cute with those fluffy ear muffs. Even cuter roaring at the lion. She is almost as big as the lion now. FUN


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