topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Night

I had a nice weekend.
I am very grateful for the nice weekend.

Daya's switch flipped back to Angel-Daya- mostly- which is a massive relief.
Angel-Daya is cute and sweet and funny and loving and kind.
Jackie has been wonderfully supportive.
Thanks also to Lisa and Launna and Tammy, you have been wonderful and I appreciate it more than I can ever say.

Eva got me a massage for my birthday which I hadn't used yet- so I went Saturday morning and it was lovely.
Then I had a lovely afternoon/evening with Rob.

Today Jackie and I went to a nice French bakery in her neighborhood. I know we will be back there.
An orange cat lives downstairs in the bakery, too.
Shop cats and bodega cats used to be common and it was really nice. These days, I suppose because of overly-ridiculous health codes, there aren't as many cats in the shops. The cats always brought good energy to their stores, and they enjoyed being there- lazing around or greeting people. They belonged there.

Today marks six months I have been with Rob.
It feels slow and steady to me, solid-  I really think we have a good thing going.
He is a wonderful person and getting to know him has been a positive experience.

Aside from him being my boyfriend- he is my friend. He is a good friend. I truly enjoy listening to all the things that are always running through his mind. I respect him as a person- his character and his intellect.  And he respects me.  We both know a lot of weird stuff, but we know different weird stuff so I'm always learning something new.

In these past six months, we have spoken mostly every day. We always have something to talk about.
We can easily be on the phone for 2 1/2 hours.  He listens just as well as he talks. We both know ourselves and we both are experienced in being alone through tough times.

I am very deeply grateful for this relationship.

I am pulling in some tarot REALLY worked last year!
I chose The Sun and have had that card on my altar. to help bring in Sun energy.
So of course I noticed that Rob is a Leo--and Leo is ruled by The Sun.
So, yeah, that worked.

For this year, I chose 2 cards... the 10 of pentacles and the 10 of cups.  Why not aim high, right?
They are both cards about fulfillment- pentacles deals with the material aspects of life and cups deals with emotions and relationships. They are stable cards, cards that come after a progression of lessons and difficulties.

So I have them up and I invite their energy in.
This deck is Tarot of the Water, last year's 78 Tarot collaboration. (I WISH I was a professional artist...then I could apply to do a have to be professional, with a certain percentage of your income coming from your art.....that is not me unfortunately.)

For my Major Arcana I chose Judgement...which isn't nearly as bad as it sounds. 
It is 20 out of 21 Major Arcana, so like the 10s it comes after a process.  It contains a meaning of awakenings and realizations after past trials which come from a self-evaluation.. Absolution is a big theme.  A new start and forgiveness.


  1. I don't believe in tarot or any kind of telling/predicting/reading stuff like that. But for some reason that really doesn't make sense I still love reading about this stuff. I just think it's cool. Cool bullshit. (sorry haha) ;-)

  2. I don't know that I believe in tarot cards but I have seen some interesting and spooky (strange) things that have come from them... so who knows. I am glad that you have Rob and that it is a sweet and comfortable relationship. Yay to Daya coming back to being her sweet self, I know how hard it is when they are so difficult... Valentina is always changing too... xox

  3. I am so happy that you have Rob. A bright place in your life.
    Expect more Devil Daya. Just remember that Angel Daya will eventually resurface and take over. Worth the wait. ;) I know nothing about Tarot cards. A friend of mine dabbled in them. I still don't know anything about them. They are from some other world than I am familiar with. Here is to a good year anyway...


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