topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, January 22, 2017


My friend Teresa is a cellist in the Bronx Opera, and she comp'd me tickets for today's performance (Sir John in Love).

I have seen several of the opera's performances and they are all superb.  Today was no exception.

Since Teresa gave me 2 tickets I asked Rob if he wanted to join (Daya HATES the opera), but I know he doesn't like opera so I also told him- and meant it- that he really doesn't have to go. He also has a toothache.

Last night he said he would let me know this morning, and I again told him it REALLY is ok if he doesn't go and I truly don't mind going alone.  (And I really don't mind one bit.)

And he said he wanted to go.

So we went into Manhattan together and he started to really not feel well.

I pretty much made him go home at intermission.
This poor guy really was feeling terrible despite pain meds AND really doesn't like opera... poor Rob.  It was so good of him to go out today with me despite everything.

Here is a picture he took when he was on set in NJ.
I love this picture; he looks great.

IRONY: my fuckwit piano neighbors are right this second blasting opera through the wall.  
I like opera just it is suuuuperloud and annoying right now.


  1. It is good to hear you had a nice outing. I have never been to an opera.

  2. I hope Rob feels better soon... and I really hope your neighbors stop playing the piano, it's rude xox

  3. Aw poor, Rob, what a trooper!


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