topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Message Maybe? and GRRRRR

I haven't thought much about Gabriel since s/he showed up a couple of months ago.

But I maybe might be starting to understand it.
I did get a message, it was subtle, kind-of, but if something comes across your vision and nags and tugs at you, it is probably best to check it out.

So I'm checking something out. Should be interesting.

What I think is that Gabriel gives everyone a lot of messages all the time. Sometimes they don't make sense immediately, or people don't pay attention, or they get a pretty strong "heads up!" then they forget because time can do that to us.

Mini-update:  HAHAHA yep definitely Gabriel and I got the message.

My fuckwit neighbors with their piano.
It is LOUD.
It is BAD.
I cannot for the life of me understand why they don't move their goddamn piano.

I got new upstairs neighbors over the summer.  Supposedly a 70-something old man living alone with a home health care aide.
Yeah right, no way.
He has definitely imported people into that apartment, and there is definitely a kid living there.
The other night I had to go up there because they were BLASTING music down thru my ceiling.

I have called the landlord.
I have called the super, who is FINALLY starting to admit it might not be just one old guy living alone up there.

Over the summer when I was looking to meet people/date I met a guy and we went out a few times. He was a really nice guy, has 2 daughters, and I thought, an actual adult and I made the mistake of not wanting to be mean even though I knew from the start it would never work out.

Not to mention this person was the freaking clingiest person I have ever met.

I was very honest with him back in July- I said I was still going to see other people. Then in the beginning of August- I told him I was starting to see Rob and I wanted to stay with that and see how it goes.  He wanted to be friends.  I said- ok, but I need to be very clear that I am not interested in anything romantic with you.

And this guy would just not take no for an answer.

Being nice didn't work.
Completely ignoring him didn't work.
Getting really angry and being very mean, and outright TELLING HIM TO STOP did not work.

I thought in the beginning of December I was finally done- but he freaking texted me when I was at Winter Walk. So I blocked him.

This morning I got a Facebook friend request from him, and I blocked him there too. It blew up my anger. I need this person to go the fuck away IMMEDIATELY and PERMANENTLY.

I had actually felt badly about rejecting him (had to tell him three times), but when he kept on I stopped feeling bad. Now I'm just super angry about it.
He is not nice, he is a creepy stalker.

I hope he forgot where I live and if I see him I will call the police immediately.


  1. What a way to start the new year. Bah humbug.

  2. Wowsers, some people don't get it... when I going through my dating cycles, I met two different guys that I had no romantic interest in, I tried to be nice, they were super clingy... finally I had to be nasty... so I know what you mean.

    My horrible neighbors upstairs moved, I was SO happy... the new people are very quiet, I love it... I hope it stays like that xox


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