topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, January 01, 2017

2017 Intentions

Well we made it to another new year.
Rob stayed with me and Daya again last night which was really nice.

During the day he and I went out for lunch and he took me over to Canarsie Pier in Brooklyn- I had never been there.  Rob went there a lot as a kid. It is close to the last stop on the L train, then there is a bus that runs right to the pier. Rob drives, though, so no bus or train for us.  We were going to check out the new Second Ave subway but I guess we forgot to do it!

Canarsie Pier has a beautiful view- and there were a lot of people out fishing!
It is surreal- the water is flat and the sky stretches out. There is no city.

My 2017 intentions are:
1. Drink a lot of tea
2. Paint some pictures
3. Nurture good healthy relationships
4. Financial balance.  2016 killed me with dance, summer camp, and braces.

I pulled a tarot card for new years. This year is the 5 of wands, from Tarot of the Water.
This is a very relevant card for current world events.


  1. Jessica, I think you have some good and practical intentions... I am happy you had time to get away from the city, it sounded relaxing xox

    I am looking to get my health back on track xox

  2. Here's to a happy, healthy (and financially sound :-)) 2017!

  3. Good intentions.
    I am glad you got away from the city. It looks so inviting to me.
    Wishing the best of everything in 2017.


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