topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Winter Walk

Last Friday Daya and I went up to Hudson for the weekend to see Dru and go to Winter Walk.

Laurey, Branwen, and Cathy were there, too.
Rob joined us on Saturday.
We left on Sunday.

Because Branwen is both amazing and completely insane at the same time, she paid for hotel rooms for everyone.

When I got to Hudson she told me "Oh, you and Rob are staying at The Barlow. The rest of us will be down the street at Rivertown Lodge. Daya and I are sharing a room."


I haven't had 2 consecutive child-free nights since summer 2014.

The Barlow is really, really NICE.
The bathroom! was! awesome! and we had a remote control fireplace.

Cathy took this Winter Walk pic and I wish she was in it, too.

Branwen  Dru  Laurey  Me  Rob

Daya joined us a little later--it's nice that she is old enough- and she knows Warren St in Hudson well enough- that I let her do what she wants.


  1. Ohhh what a nice bath, I'd love to spend some me-time in there :-)

  2. OOOOoooooo this sounds like the perfect weekend. What all did you do?? Besides take a nice long bath and revel in a few hours of quite aloneness.

  3. Jessica, that is a beautiful hotel... I am glad you had a fun weekend xox


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