topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Tree & Boxes & I'm Here

Three people contacted me today to say "Are you still on Planet Earth?"

I'm not, I'm in Skyrim (because they released Skyrim Special Edition which is a graphics overhaul on a game that was already gorgeous to begin with and now it is gorgeouser!)

Thank you Three People!  (Two of you read my blog.)

1. Thanksgiving was lovely.
Rob joined us at Jackie's and we all had a nice afternoon/evening.

2. Friday we put up the tree.  Rob came over and joined us for that. too and I'm happy he visited.

3. Last night (Saturday) Rob took me to see a play (two short ones actually) in Soho and we had a lovely evening. One of the plays was absolutely brilliant, I have never seen anything like it.  It is called The Stronger by a Swedish playwright August Strindberg.

4.  Today Daya went to the doctor and got a shot which lasted all of three seconds and she thinks it was the Worst Life Experience Ever.

5.  I started and finished a painting, more on that later.

6. I got 2 boxes in the mail today, one large and one less-large.  I unpacked them and put the smaller box inside the larger box and the cats are obsessed.


  1. So glad to see that you are enjoying life. Your tree is pretty. Your cats are so cute peeking out of the boxes. Don't we wish we could all be so entertained with a few empty boxes. I hope to see your painting soon too.

  2. Jessica, it sounds like you are having a busy and fun holidays... Cats love boxes don't they... it's cheaper than buying a cat toy... lol... Your tree turned out good, I am getting mine put up this weekend, I will post a picture of it... xox


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