topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Street Fair Dance & Box Update

Last night Daya had the annual holiday street performance thingy.
Their dance was a minute and 40 seconds long, according to Daya.

I didn't get a video but here are some pics.

She's wearing my jacket (which I have never worn, hmmm).
I found it years ago in a discount store, it was about $8 i think.
It looks good on Daya so I gave it to her.


Ben was able to fix my box!! I'm so happy! He is shipping it back to me so I'll be able to put it back to work very soon!!

From what he said, the crack probably started years ago and finally just gave in.  Ben said there was paint in about 1/3 of the crack, so it had definitely been developing over time.  He reinforced the back and put new hinges on, and it should be good to go for many more years!

I have said it before and I'll say it again... Ben Haggett makes the BEST plein air boxes.  Yes you'll pay for it but they are all handmade and designed by him.  Worth every penny. The design is brilliant, they are beautiful, and my box is the only one he ever had to fix like this. (figures) He has also tweaked the Belly River design to fix the weak points over the years.  Ben has been making boxes for 10 years and he made mine 7 years ago. I have made a point to be gentle with my box, but it has been out and about with me a whole lot.  Things happen. It has fallen over a few times. Used art supplies are loved art supplies, and I have certainly loved my box!!

Ben is also a really good painter, too.


  1. Great news! So glad your pochade is fixed. I bought my bitterroot pochade about 6-7 years ago, and it was worth every cent to ship it to AU. It pleases me every time I open it, so sturdy and lovely. Ben is a treasure!

  2. Yep, that jacket looks good on Daya! My mom and I do that. She took one of my tops, I stole one of her jackets :-)

  3. SO happy your box was fixed. I know how important it is to you. And the jacket looks fabulous on Daya!

  4. Daya looks cute in the jacket... she is growing up so fast xox

  5. Daya is a darling in anything she wears. What a lovely gift to give the public...a sidewalk dance. I am so happy your box is as good as new...probably better.


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