topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

It's Almost Over

I cannot wait until this horrible election is over.

School is out, I still had to go to work, but I woke Daya up so she could vote with me. I wanted her to experience the process.

I let her fill in some circles and put the ballot in the scanner.

She got two stickers.

I thought about taking a picture and I'm not sure why I didn't but I really should have.

Anyhow, it is a dreadful horrible election and I'm so done with all of it....... in December or so I'll have a look at all the people I unfollowed on Facebook and re-follow them.  Many of them are really good artists I respect a lot.


  1. I am glad it is almost over too. Yet, what will tomorrow bring?? A little scary.

  2. I can't believe Trump won. We're doomed.


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