topiary cats

topiary cats

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Box Update

Rob says the hinges are special hinges and he has never seen them before.
I emailed Ben asking if I can send the box to him. Waiting to hear back.

We saw Dr Strange last night; it was very good.
It is amazing how people can't go through a movie without having to check their phones.
So rude.

I do have an iPhone and so does Daya, but honestly this cell phone thing is out of hand.

And on that note Jackie and I have been talking about this lately...
Facebook is not a substitute for getting in touch with people.
Generic Facebook posts saying you are having a party are not actual invitations.
Texting is not a substitute for talking to someone.

That's something I like about Rob, he's not a phone addict. (He also has an iPhone)
He's also not into texting and that's absolutely fine with me because we can easily be on the phone talking for 2 hours and I prefer that.

Plus it is nice to spend time with someone without phones being present.

All these cell phones and social has changed our brains and how we communicate and I don't think for the better.


  1. I can see why you are frustrated. Grrrr.... Help BEN!!!
    I agree about the social media. It is nice but it is no substitute for hearing or seeing the people you want to communicate with.

  2. You'd hate to go out with me for a meal then. I just HAVE to take pics of my food and I'm definitely a phone addict.


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