topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Two Yesterdays

Sid came to visit me on Friday!!

We went to Gapstow bridge to paint, and I took him all around the city and we had a great time.
I am so glad Sid came to visit and paint!

It was COLD though....much colder than I anticipated and the hand warmers I had stashed in my gear were about three years old and were not very warm.

I have Sid's painting and will send to him when it is dry.
His came out a lot better than mine...I have stupid drawing issues that need fixing. When you are out there FREEZING it can get a little hard to concentrate.

Mine has drawing issues.
Sid's looks really good.

We will both tweak them and post updates!

Drawing issues are the story of my life.....

We both worked 8x10 on canvas panels, assorted oils and galkyd gel, about 2 hours. It just happened that we finished at the same time.

Sid's painting is on the right.

I had a really nice birthday yesterday.
My father remembered this year which I appreciate.
Rob took me out and gave me a watch.


  1. Painting the bridge looks like so much fun. Both paintings are very nice. I am so happy for you to have such a nice birthday.

  2. Good to hear yo had a nice birthday this year! You deserve it. As for the paintings, I think both look good.

  3. It sounds like you had a nice weekend and birthday!


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