topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Tweenage Crap

Daya is truly the best and most awesome kid in the world.
She is not a difficult child, never has been.
She is brilliant and self-motivated and hard working.
Normally she is cute and funny and pleasant and sweet.

But now she is also a Tweenager and ALL Tweenagers turn into unstable batshit insane little demons in about 2 seconds with no warning.

It is hard.

It is so very, very brutally hard. On everyone.

Aside from having to learn new ways of communication, which are not always guaranteed to work when the Tweenage Demons take over, I have to constantly remind myself that this crap is normal. And then I try not to completely lose my shit, which is also not guaranteed to be successful.

Having a Tweenager is, in many ways, exactly like having a toddler again.
The only difference is I can leave the Tweenager alone which is a lifesaving grace.

Seriously, it's a second toddler phase.

They are insane.
All of them.


  1. I can't imagine Daya going all cray cray tween on you! She seems so mature for her age, a very composed and serious girl.

  2. Yup. Saw it in real life. You are the best of mothers. Stay strong.


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