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topiary cats

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Back to Yoga

Yoga last night was pretty wonderful. I had been going regularly for a long time and I still can't believe a year passed. It is unreal.

Sudama (the teacher) remembered my name!

I was pretty surprised about that, I wasn't expecting he would even remember my face. The class isn't the kind where people get to know each other, people just show up or not. I like Sudama, and I like going to that particular class because of him.  I told him I was glad he was still there teaching, and he said some things never change.  I said I was very glad about that and it is true.

Integral Yoga really doesn't ever change and that's why I love it there so much.
It has been in the West Village since the 1960s (I think) and it is an official ashram with people in residence.

I did prenatal yoga there and it was a very comforting place to be when I was hurting really badly.

I still find it deeply comforting.  It is old, unchanging, stable, positive, and safe.

Even after a year away my body fell right into the rhythm of class, the mantras and asanas like no time had passed at all. Even though I could probably do a level 2 class, I like the atmosphere of Sudama's class so much that's where I want to be.

Yoga doesn't stop me from feeling sad but it does help immensely with coping and just taking a time-out from life.  It is amazingly regenerating and peaceful on every single level. It puts a gentle but effective structure around my thoughts.

It's normal to not be able to generate higher energy when we are low, so we have to go out and get it.  Yoga is a good place to get good energy.

After yoga I took myself out for sushi with a good book, then I walked up from 14th street to 34th street and took the train to pick up Daya.

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  1. Sounds wonderful. I used to do yoga. I never got past the beginners beginning but I love the way it makes me feel. Must do it this winter.


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